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I will have to second all of Leah's recommendations! Great job Leah! In order to avoid sounding redundant, I'm going to recommend five other products, but just know that we used those products that Leah recommended as well. We really didn't invest in too many toys for Laney this first year. Since our spending was limited and we were buying so many OTHER things for Laney during the 6-12 month time-frame, we'd pick up toys at resale stores if they were in excellent, pristine condition. With the things that we did buy, I tried(and still desire) to buy the best quality items that I love and hope to use with other babies. I'm aiming for quality, not quantity. I'll share with you a few of the items Laney has enjoyed:

1. Me Too Restaurant Chair

I love love love this chair!! It's made by "Phil and Ted," and I can't speak enough about the quality of this chair. It's clips on to almost every table. There are some other chairs similar to this one, but they don't have a 5 point harness and most of the reviews on those other chairs are negative due to the fact that there's not a 5 point harness for their growing baby. I keep this chair in the trunk and take it every where. It's 2 lbs, and I found a tote on sale at Target that's PERFECT for it. It's on warranty for one year after purchase. I purchased mine from: http://www.cottonbabies.com/

2. Little Toys & Books:

Books are Laney's most versatile toys, for they are great at home and away. She LOVES books, especially the little ones. Our favorite brands of board books: Priddy Books and Karen Katz books. Amazing! Laney also loved these other toys! We have the old school version of the aquarium thatI picked up at a garage sale for $2.00. They attach to the crib and make bubbles, as well as play instrumental music. Laney loved this! The age says from 12 months to 3 years, but Laney loved it early on and of course, still does. The phone is great for trips, the changing table, whatever! The Leap Frog Table we do not have, but she always loved this while playing at her friend's house.

3. Leap Frog Learning Gym

This has been Laney's favorite big toy thus far. It has an infant setting and a toddler setting(more upright). Infants can kick the mobile as it automatically goes round and round with music and toddlers can play with all the gadgets. It has songs and teaches different ways to say hello in several languages. Laney loves to hold onto it and spin that globe as fast as she can! This toy is worth the money. It also comes apart for easy storing.

4. Cart Cover: Kozy Pal

I actually don't have this yet since it's a bit pricey, but I heard it's worth it's weight on gold. I have been wanting this for Laney for MONTHS and MONTHS on end. I LOOOOOOVE i'ts features. I have heard such great things about it. I've been saving up for it and hope to get it for Laney with Christmas money that I'll get. They offer such unique patterns, do custom orders with your own fabric, and I like that they have pillows for babies for when they get tired. They rarely are ever on sale, but presently they have a 20% off sale on select styles.

Please browse the site using the link above. Just click on the icon KozyPal above. If you possibly purchase one of these for yourself or as a gift for someone AND would like to use me as a referral(wink, wink ~ which is what this whole post is all about), please use the link above. Thanks ladies!

5. still thinking....check back shortly (hee-hee!)


Curt, Mariah, & Carli Badura said...

I LOVE my cart cover by buggybag (I think)!!! I got it at babies are us:


Mariah :-)

Christina said...

Love our cart cover too. I've always loved the kozypals - but we ended up with the floppy seat one from babies r us. The ONE time I put Will in a Target cart without it, he couldn't keep his mouth off the metal parts (I think he was teething) and sure enough we ended up with a stomach bug about 24 hours later. Coincidence?? I don't think so!!

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