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Posted by  | Monday, September 24, 2007  at 11:21 AM  
One – Nursing Tank Top. Already mentioned by quite a few, but I want to Highly Recommend it as well. It is great for sleeping and around the house – believe me, you’ll need all the extra support you can get. (Target $16.99)

Two – Ring Sling. This is my favorite type of carrier for newborn through 4 months. It’s nice because you can cinch the baby close to your chest. It’s excellent contact for mom and baby and makes it easy to be hands-free. If you have the money, there are beautiful ones for sale at www.zolowear.com. If you’re like me, you can’t spring that kind of cash. I show you how to make one on my blog www.slingyourbaby.blogspot.com. (Handmade $10.00)

Three – Boppy Pillow. This is great for new nursing mommies. I loved being able to position Samuel correctly to avoid soreness. I would also lay him in it with his head propped up to talk to him and take his picture. (Babies R US $34.99)

Four – Lanolin Cream. Okay, this is the third bfeeding item I’ve listed, but that’s pretty much all you do in the beginning. I will cover a lot of my bfeeding advice in the upcoming topic, but I recommend getting some of this before you go to the hospital. I used it each and every time I nursed, right from the beginning. It was a lifesaver. (Babies R Us $6.99)

Five – Baby In Sight Mega Mirror. I have the super large one that attaches to the backseat so that you can see baby in the rearview mirror. I loved being able to look at Samuel while I was driving. (Babies R Us $14.99)

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tenjuices said...

how did the dad not make the top 5?

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