The Great Cloth Diaper Hunt

Posted by  | Wednesday, October 17, 2007  at 2:17 PM  
Since this week's topic is cloth diapers - I thought now was a great time to tell all of our readers about a really fun game! THE GREAT CLOTH DIAPER HUNT is sponsored by the site (good resource) and is basically an online scavenger hunt. It is meant to introduce you to all kinds of online WAHM (work at home Mom) companies and their natural products. Usually these are cloth diaper related, but sometimes not. The Hunt happens twice a year in May and November and lasts the entire month.

Let me tell you that last May my husband and I BOTH were so into the hunt! It is addicting. Sometimes the sites have clues and sometimes you're just blindly searching. I found all of the 147 icons last hunt! There are lots of GREAT prizes (also cloth diaper related). Be sure to check this out!

Wait - what am I thinking sharing this on the my chances of winning will be less!! :)

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Shannon said...

Hey Ladies,
I'm just now checking out your blog (I've been a little pre-occupied with a newborn!) I appreciate all the work and creativity you're putting into it. Thanks for all the info.

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