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Posted by  | Thursday, October 4, 2007  at 3:50 AM  
Wow, Leah and Christina did a great job of covering tons of ways to save money. There's only one more suggesstion I have: Packet 8. IF you have high speed internet, you can get Packet 8 or Vonage (I have Packet 8 and it's a little cheaper than Vonage) which is a VOIP - Voice Over Internet Phone. It works just like a regular phone - you talk on a phone, call others on their phone, and it works just fine with cordless phones calling cell phones, etc. You can pick your phone number or you can "port" your current number - which simply means you keep your same number. We pay $200 for the year and this includes free long distance anywhere in America, call waiting, caller ID, voice mail, etc. You can also choose to pay monthly for about five dollars more a month. I live overseas and have a number in the states and use this phone as if I'm in America. It amazes me that I can be on another continent, talking on a cordless phone to someone in America who's on a cell phone, and the reception is still crystal clear. My mom changed her regular phone service to this because it was much cheaper and she also now has free long distance. Experiencing how well it works and how much money we save, we plan to use VOIP service when we return to the states too!

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Shannon said...

Krista, I would love to have your number and good times (America times) that we could call and catch up. I know you sent it when you first got over that but I can't find it.


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