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Everyone is passionate about something - it's in our nature. When we feel passionately about something, we like to share about it with others. But just because one person feels strongly about something doesn't mean that everyone else will. The reason we share is to inform those around us and hope to spark a similar interest. Our current topic of cloth diapering can have a negative, unintended repercussion of offending those moms who don't want to do. Please understand that anything we share on this blog is always secondary to our main goal of glorifying the Lord through sharing our experiences with others. For whatever reason, cloth diapering (and a few other topics that will be covered in the future such as breastfeeding and birthing) seem to cause unintended hurt from one side to the next. Please know that this blog is here to share the facts and also to share our personal experiences - which won't always line up with your own. Please feel free to contribute your own opinions and experiences on the topics. As long as we are all under the understanding that the most important thing is loving God and honoring Him through the way we relate to Him and others, we can have healthy, helpful discussions. Thanks for continuing to read!


Anonymous said...

A good little non-biased article

Christy said...

First, let me say "thank you" to all of you for sharing your lives and preferences on this blog. My husband and I just had our first child, a girl, 12 days old. This blog couldn't have been more timely!

We strongly considered using cloth diapers, but in the end decided it wasn't for us. Still, I have found your posts on cloth diapering to be informative and fun. Even though we're currently happy with our decision to use disposables, I'm happy to know that if we change our minds I'll have a great resource to aid in making the best decision about what to choose.

I haven't found your entries to be offensive at all. I'm thankful for them and will certainly direct others here who would like more info.

Thanks again for taking the time to post!

Christina said...

Thank you for the encouragement Christy! Glad you're enjoying the blog. Oh - LOVE the pics of Lily with the cow. :) Perfect picture friend!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I have been 'lurking' here for a while...I'm a soon to be first time mom...and I really appreciate the wisdom and advice that is being shared.

I do have one suggestion though...from what I can tell so far, all of the writers are raising their children basically the same way (varied techniques but same basic principles) I would appreciate having a contributer or two who can share why they went with a different method (for example with the diapering...do you have any friends who chose not to use cloth...I'd love to hear why and how it worked for them)

I would also like to hear from a variety of positions on breastfeeding. I hope to be able to breastfeed, however I have several friends who for various reasons...lack of milk production, premature baby, poor latch ability, etc...chose to use formula. None of them chose to take the 'easy way out' and I know they can benefit from hearing others stories as well. Its so easy to develop a 'me and my friends' view that can blind us to other valid methods of parenting and raising Godly children.

I hope my comments will not be taken as criticism but as a friendly suggestion! I sincerely appreciate all of the time and effort that goes into creating your posts and I hope to continue to learn from your experiences!

tenjuices said...

I got a comment... use grammar check on Word for your posts.
Tenjuices says "Passionate but not coherent at times"

Boy am I gonna hear it from the wifey.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above comment on needing a more varied perspective on things related to mothering.

Christina said...

To anonymous lurker,
You are right about all of our choices seeming so similar! I can say that looking ahead to the topics I know that we do not all have the same views and experiences for topics like breastfeeding, sleep schedules and especially birthing! Rest assurred we will offer some variety down the road.

I do think that maybe having some guest posters might be a good option for us to consider however!

The funny thing is that because we are all spread out now we have very different friend circles. I know I can say that many of the choices that I make are NOT shared by some of my closest friends. But I do agree that it can be really easy to fall into the trap you mention and even to think that method you choose is the BEST and ONLY way. Humility is certainly a lesson that I believe God teaches us in motherhood! Apologies for another long winded comment from Christina...

Hollie said...

Great feedback! I think once we get into discussing breastfeeding issues, posts are going to be much more diverse. I know that two of the authors pumped for months on end, several babies had acid reflux, a few became pregnant while still breastfeeding their first child..etc.. So, gear up!

Anonymous said...

I am so appreciative of all your opinions and comments on each subject. If nothing else I have learned a huge amount. As far as cloth diapering it was NEVER an option for me for simply one reason well, ok I will be honest more than one but I HATE LAUNDRY! I don't even do well on our clothes this would never work for me. Also I might add that currently we live in a storage building and walk 600 yards in any weather to do laundry even more a reason to put it off :) so as of right now we are fans of disposables but I think it is awesome that you all have such wonderful experiences ...love the blog keep up the good work


Christina said...

If I had to go anywhere to do my laundry, we would certainly use disposables here!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have also been reading your blog and have found it interesting. I am a mom of a 5 year old, 3 year old, and a 6 month old. I thought about cloth diapers for my last child (both of my older ones were disposables) but I have found since my oldest started Kindergarten I have NO time. I coach her soccer, take both girls to dance, do homework (which for some reason kindergarteners have too much of), volunteer in school, and breastfeed- and I found out with all of that, I had little time to do just our normal laundry! I also found with just the normal house chores and wanting to spend some special time with each of my three children and I have no extra time (I don't even work, I can't imagine the time constraints of working moms). I would be curious as you get older children and more children, if you feel you will have less time for cloth diapering.
For those who were interested in early potty training (which was listed as a pro to cloth diapers)- my two girls did it at 15 and 17 months using disposables. You have to look for the signs and then go directly to cloth. My girls hated the feeling of wet cloth on their skin. Pull-ups (a recent favorite among parents) don't allow them to feel wet. We only used those as special "travel panties" (just a helpful hint)

Ruth Palmer said...

This is for Ed (tenjuices) mainly...just because your wife is away, doesn't mean you get to mouth off on here :)

Let me pose a question to you (Ed), though, on cloth diapering - can you picture Tom doing cloth diapers?? just curious!

Oh, and when it comes time to discuss breastfeeding, I hope you'll share the story of one of your first experiences with breastmilk :)

Sorry to everyone else for interrupting this thread

tenjuices said...

Hey Ruth,
if this is not the time to mouth off, when is? Just kidding.
No, hopefully the breast milk accident does not get reported. And no, I could not see your husband doing cloth diapers. He barely does disposable. or his own. LOL.

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