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Posted by  | Tuesday, October 30, 2007  at 12:50 PM  
We spent the past week at my parent’s house and it gave me the opportunity to step back a bit and see all that Samuel has learned. He is now 14 months old. Here are the top three new things with him:

1. Samuel has learned how to hide and then pop out to surprise you. We went to Target and he hid himself in the clothes rack. I turned around and didn’t see him and FREAKED OUT! I called for him and he popped his head out and laughed like crazy! Then yesterday we were up at school walking around and he went around the side of a building. I thought he had kept walking, but then I could see his little head around the corner, just waiting to jump out. I called for him and he stuck his head around the corner with this HUGE grin on his face.

2. Samuel is learning what I mean when I say “no” and “spank, spank”. His biggest test on me is throwing food off of his tray. We started telling him no when he was around 9 months old. Then once we thought he understood no and did it anyway, I started giving him spank-spanks. Now I am seeing that he is learning to behave. I have had to spank him a few times for trying to crawl out of grocery carts. But this past week, he has sat really well each time. I even tried to let him stand in the seat once while we were waiting in line and he looked at me kinda funny and then sat down. I’ve had so many people tell me to be consistent with discipline from the very beginning and it will make the battles a lot easier – I am seeing this come true so far.

3. Samuel is getting to be MUCH chattier. He jibber-jabbers all the time now. It is funny to listen to his intonation – it’s like he’s really carrying on a conversation. At 14 months, he has just a few sounds, not even really words. He can say uh-oh, mmmm, and wow. He loves to point and say “wow” at everything. My parents were surprised at how much more he is babbling from when they last saw him in July. It is a lot of funny to carry on fake conversations with him.

We’d love for you all to share what’s new with your little ones as well. Tell us their names and ages in your comments and what’s going on with them.


Shannon said...

I love hearing from other parents; it makes me feel normal! Maggie is 17 months, and it is so hard sometimes to be consistent with discipline, especially when I'm also taking care of my 6 week old. Thanks for sharing your stories!

Christina said...

-From Will (will I read the comment from Shannon)

Shannon said...

Just wanted you ladies to know Jeff and I ordered our cloth diapers yesterday. Reading your posts gave us the courage to take the plunge. I'm really excited about it.

Hollie said...

Reading about Samuel popping out and smiling from ear to ear is SO HILARIOUS! I love it!

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