This Week's Disclaimer

Posted by  | Monday, November 12, 2007  at 3:55 AM  
The topic of sleep and scheduling can be a tough one to work through as a parent. There is the tension between compassion and structure that we each must work through in our families. Each of us authors has a different experience to share when it comes to how we dealt with these issues. Please read and respond with an open mind and a kind word - none of us is perfect and none of us has all the answers! There are a lot of books written on this topic, and just as many philosophies being passed around. Please feel free to share what you found to be helpful, but don't judge others who couldn't see themselves doing things the same way. Remember, we each have different levels of tolerance for certain things (I may be better at putting up with night-waking but can't stand the sound of a baby crying, whereas I may have a friend who is just the opposite). Hopefully this week will produce a good amount of information and experience for mothers to learn from what others have tried and what has worked or not worked for different people. Enjoy!

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