Krista's 6-12 month Favorites

Posted by  | Wednesday, December 12, 2007  at 7:20 AM  
Okay, these are my top 5 picks for 6-12 month olds:

1. Bumbo Seat - I would put it on the counter while I cooked and Lydia loved to watch what I was doing. You do need to be careful as she was able to tip out of it when she grew, but it was worth its weight in gold allowing me to have a happy baby and get cooking done.

2. Exersaucer - The smile says it all. I started putting Lydia in one of these when she was three months old (I'd stuff a blanket behind her so she'd stay in her seat easier) and she eventually worked her way up to playing for 30 minute blocks of time. This was how I got my shower taken in the morning :).

3. Stacking Cups, Building Blocks, and Shape Sorters - During the 6-12 month period Lydia loved to knock down towers we would build. She also loved to carry one in her hand once she learned how to walk. (Now, she can sort shapes, stack the cups, and build her own tower making these great choices that last for many months of development!)

4. Books - You can't go wrong with board books! Some of Lydia's favorites during this time were lift-the-flap books and these brands: Happy Baby (Words and Animals), Bright Baby (First Words and First Animals) and Bright Baby First 100 Words. This last one is a larger-size book and Lydia absolutely loves it.

5. Musical Activity Walker - This toy can be folded down (as shown in the picture) or raised up so infants can use it to walk. Lydia has really enjoyed this toy and still mows right along the house walking with it.

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