Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas everyone! We are taking a bit of a breather this week from blogging. We hope to post some pics of our festivities with family and friends to share with you. Look for us to be back next week, when we will be sharing some of our favorite books on parenting.

Also, we would love for you all to make suggestions on topics you'd like to see covered in the new year. We have already had a request for Nutrition and also for Holiday Traditions. Please leave a comment with a topic that interests you.

Take care and enjoy your families this week. And also, Praise God for the gift of His Son. Merry Christmas!


marymstraits said...

I have lots of ideas that I want you guys to address:

(1) Vaccinations--yea or nay and what you know about them

(2) Surviving illnesses/keeping your child healthy

(3) Travelling with baby

(4) Setting limits with family OR how baby changes relationships with extended family/friends

(5) Toys for ages and stages

That's my list! I'm sure I have more ideas, but these are the ones that come to mind! Thanks to all the writers for doing such a thorough, Christ-centered job addressing all topics!


markandmeg said...

I'd love to see a post on how you guys intentionally train your little ones spiritually

I have a question about flouride -- we have a well that does not have flouride in it and my pediatrician wants me to get a prescription for drops for Karis. Is that necessary or even a good idea?

Christina said...

I just wanted to address the fluoride thing really quick...I don't know a lot about it, but I do know that too much fluoride is NOT a good thing. It obviously has its role in strengthening teeth...BUT my husband has damaged teeth as the result of extra fluoride tablets as a child (they had and still have well water). Because of it, his teeth are very stained and yellowed. Its hard to notice in pictures, but you can definitely see the discoloration in person. This is not something that will bleach out either.

I just found this link that gives some more info:

Apparently it is called fluorosis...and looking at the pics that is definitely what my husbands teeth look like!! There is a section on fluoride for infants too....

I do not have any specific advice for you other than to research this as best as possible before making a decision!! My gut would say no, but I haven't thought about it or had to! I just wanted to share his experience and the link I found. Good luck!

Leah said...

I grew up on well water and did fluoride treatments each time I went to the dentist (you know, the nasty tray filled with orange goo). I would say to just talk it over more with your dentist and get a good explanation from him on the pros and cons of fluoride - it is his field and so he will probably be able to give you a lot of good info and maybe more research to look into.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I just have a comment on the Flouride issue. My mom has been a dental hygenist for 30 years, and when we moved overseas (where there was no flouride in the water) she insisted that we give our then one year old flouride drops. And yes, the doctor did perscribe them on his first visit after arriving over seas. I know that years ago there was on flouride in the water here in the USA, and that is the cause of most of our parents and grandparents having mouth's full of cavities!!! Even if they brushed and flossed, the lack of flouride that is for strengthening the tooth enamel caused bad oral issues!!! I do know however, that too much flouride is also a problem (if you child is using flouride tooth paste then more than likely they are swallowing some and the drops are not as necessary). So I would definately get the drops and just be sure that the child does not get more than the recommended dosage per day!!! I am 28 years old and with flouride and my mothers advice have never had a cavity in my life (neither has my five year old son, and his teeth are a beautiful white, no yellow tinting at all!!!)


Anonymous said...

My interests also include setting boundaries with the grandparents(our parents), and discipline styles, techniques, etc. Also, I would love to hear some Christ- based tradtions that we can start in our family. I do not come from a Christian family, so I don't have many ideas besides the obvious ones of reading scripture, prayer, etc. -Courtney

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