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Posted by  | Wednesday, January 9, 2008  at 5:20 PM  
I’m currently traveling in Thailand, without reliable internet access, so my review will have to be short. I want to second Leah’s recommendation of Shepherding a Child’s Heart. It is awesome and definitely a must-read.

The other books I’d highly recommend are both by Ginger Plowman:

Plowman is an easy-to-read, funny author who deals with parenting in the former book and being a godly wife and mother in the later. The issues she deals with are ones we all face and she is open and vulnerable in sharing her own life and experiences, always making sure to focus everything she says on Biblical principles of truth. These are "easy-reads," but have so much "meat" to them you wouldn't want to miss out.

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Shannon said...

Have fun in your travels! Jeff and I loved our time there - it's where he "officially" proposed, since we couldn't technically be engaged when we were working together in another country. So Thailand has special memories for us.

Does anyone know the best websites for getting good deals on books? Jeff suggested And they often have free shipping.

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