Advice from a Baby Shower 11 Years Ago

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The mother of one of my students gave me a page of advice at my baby shower. Here is how it reads:

Advice given to me from friends & family at my baby shower 11 years ago -

1. "Growing Kids God's Way" is a great resource - Preparation for Parenting tapes and "Babywise" book. (Tips on putting baby on a schedule really worked!)

2. The Lord & His Word are your best resources.

3. When you nurse/feed your baby, just relax and realize this is your gift from God and you are to nurture him or her. When your baby takes a nap, you nap or rest, too. Believe me, the work will get done in due time.

4. Enjoy every minute because they grow up so fast. Follow through in regards to instructions, discipline, etc. (Don't explain what a discipline/punishment will be unless you intend to keep your word.)

5. Even when they have been trying you and you lose patience, try to find somehting positive to compliment them on. Accentuate the positive.

6. Always ask how your child's day went and pray about the hard things. (This girl was bullied in middle school & she wishes her parents had done this for her.)

7. Teach your child to give to others.

8. Relax & Enjoy - 18 years goes by in a hurry! Write things down to remember - your kids will enjoy reading them when they're older.

9. When your child brings you a tiny flower, use a little salt shaker for the vase - it is so important to recognize his/her gift! (I still do this!)

10. Make sure your children are not the "center of your universe" - your husband is! (after God) - your love for each other will provide the security they really need. (This came from a friend who was at the brink of divorce when the children were still at home, but they got counseling & made the marriage even better.)

11. When facing any challenge (potty training to teenage rebellion) remember, you will survive - this too shall pass.

I take all of this advice to heart because the boy I taught was a sweet, sensitive young man who loved Christ - his mom had to be doing something right!

I also posted some advice/encouragement a mom gave me in my post on scheduling. You can check it out here - it is the last paragraph.

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