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Earlier this week, my friend Teesa Klear posted about her 4.5 year long wait with fertility. God then blessed her with Sam. She also shared that Sam has Brugada Syndrome. I just wanted to ask if you all would pray for little Sam as well as Bill & Teesa, his parents. Sam caught a virus the other day that caused him to run a high fever, which sent his heart in to attack. I didn't know it but he was in the hospital the day I posted their story. Thankfully his defibrillator fired, which saved his life, but he's still in the hospital in Boone, NC. They just moved out there and have no support out there. They don't even have Internet, so they would definitely appreciate you praying for them. Thanks so much!

Tuesday's Update:

Sam was taken to the hospital Monday evening for a short time. They went home then at midnight and Sam woke up with a 102.5 and the difibrillator fired. By the time they got to the hospital his fever was 103.1. He was diagnosed a small ear infection and possible virus. We have plans to see Sam's cardiologist on Thursday in Greensboro. Sam is feeling very bad. He just sits there so we know he isn't feeling well. They still do not have email or Internet. Bill and Teesa appreciate your continued prayers.

Wednesday's Update:
Sam came home from the hospital Wednesday morning. He seems to be doing well as of last night and no word since. It is possible that he has a stomach bug. He and his mommy have gone to Greensboro to see Dr. Buck today. I'm sure she or I will be posting what came of this visit. The blessing of this incident is that they are building relationships and a support group in Boone. As always, thank you for your prayers and of course it would be appreciated that they continue. I know your friendships and prayers have meant a great deal to the entire family.

Thursday's update:
Sam was shocked two times and had six events. Dr. Buck readjusted the defib raising it to 60 heart beats before it shocks Sam.They will see his new pediatrician again on Monday and the new cardiologist in Charlotte Thursday, the 17th.Teesa may be somewhere that she will be able to read emails tonight.Thanks again for all you prayers

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Leah said...

Thanks for the update Hollie. I will be praying tonight.

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