Cloth Diapers after 14 months

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Over the past 14 months - our cloth system hasn't really changed too much. (You can use the labels to the right to find our other posts on cloth diapering. I did a long post on laundering too!) We have added a whole new dimension with using cloth on a newborn. This was very new to me since we didn't start cloth with Will until he was 9 months old. I've found that I prefer the same system for Adeline that I already had with Will. Here is what our current stash looks like:

For Will:

6 BumGenius 3.0
6 Fuzzi Bunz size Medium (really only for backup - don't fit great...)
4 Fuzzi Bunz size Petite Toddler
12 Brown Edge Prefolds from Green Mountain Diapers
2 Bummis covers - size Medium
3 Prowrap cover - size Medium
2 Joey Bunz hemp inserts
2 hemp doublers from GMD
A handful of homemade fleece liners
1 Wild Child Woolies wool pants
1 Wild Child Woolies pull on cover

For Adeline:

14 Kissaluv size 0
18 yellow edge infant prefolds from GMD
4 Thirsties covers - size X-small
2 Prowrap covers - size newborn
1 Luxe pull on wool cover - size sm/med
3 Fuzzi Bunz - size x-small
1 BumGenius one size

(also for Adeline when she grows a little more!)
6 Kissaluv size 1
5 FuzziBunz size Small
2 Thirsties covers - size small
1 Bummis cover - size small
6 size Medium Fuzzi Bunz (plus the 6 Will is currently using)
12 Rainbow Short sized prefolds from Green Mountain Diapers

Things we have changed/learned/plan to do since my last update:

1. We sold our BumGenius 2.0's on Diaperswappers. We used the money to buy the new style 3.0's and I really like them! BumGenius will become my favorite with having two in diapers b/c I can use them on both kids.

2. Washing every other day with vinegar is a must! My current wash routine is this:
  • Rinse poopy diapers with sprayer in toilet. (Adeline's do not have to be rinsed because she is only breastfed.)
  • If badly stained or stinky - spray with Bac-Out (by BioKleen)
  • Put all diapers in trash can lined with a waterproof pail liner (I have two liners for each kid so one is always available even while washing.)
  • Cold cycle with LOTS of vinegar (maybe 2 cups?)
  • Hot cycle with 1/4-1/2 tbsp Dawn (depends on the size of the load)
  • Cold cycle (sometimes two!)
3. Green Mountain Diapers are my favorite! They hold up so well and fit GREAT. We originally bought the orange edge newborn size (fit up to 10lbs) for Adeline. Since we started with disposables for four weeks, we only got about 5 weeks of use out of the orange edge before moving to the yellow edge. I loved them, but wouldn't buy them if I could do it again. And if you have big babies - definitely don't buy them! Adeline was only 6lbs, 12oz.

4. As much as I love prefolds and covers (they are CHEAP!) - I still really LOVE pocket diapers. BumGenius and FuzziBunz are my favorite and all we own. The only downside is that they are much pricier.

5. Adeline has almost outgrown her kissaluv size 0 and her newborn/x-small sized covers. When she does, I plan on selling those to buy more pocket diapers in size small.

6. Each kid gets changed in their own room. Therefore, I bought more cloth wipes for Adeline. However, this time I bought two dozen CHEAP baby washcloths. They work great! And they only cost about $15 and I was able to use a gift card to purchase them.

7. We still have to use disposables on Will and Adeline for church and the sitters. So far I've only bought one or two packs for Adeline (even with using them all the time for a month) between gifts and what we got at the hospital. I just use coupons and sales to get the best deals on sposies!

8. Night-time Will wears a BumGenius with an extra hemp insert. Adeline can wear a fuzzi bunz or sometimes we just use disposables since her sleep is unpredictable!

9. Depending on when Will starts potty training - we may need to buy some more of the "petite toddler" size Fuzzi Bunz. I already have some and they fit well. But he can still wear the mediums too.

10. Cost. Like I said originally - we did not go the cheapest route when using cloth. BumGenius and FuzziBunz are probably the most expensive cloth you can buy. We've not put anymore $$ into Will's stash; just sold stuff to fund the next size. For Adeline, we probably have spent an additional $150 to get her started. That brings our grand total to around $650 for two kids. (I actually made a spreadsheet to keep track of it all!) I shouldn't need to put anymore money into our cloth diapers. The only things I will save after Adeline has outgrown is prefolds. These will last forever, but pocket diapers won't last quite as long.

Feel free to ask questions! I didn't explain a lot of the brands or lingo - so if you're new to cloth, be sure to read our previous posts. Anyone just starting out with cloth? Tell us what you're using!


Shannon said...

Okay, I have not gotten a sprayer for our diapers yet, and frankly, I'm scared of it! My hubby is actually going to make one, if I decide to use it. I just have these horrible images of the water bouncing off the diaper and going on the toilet, the sink, the floor... and thus spreading germs all over the place.

For those of you who use them, can you give me a heads up of how good these work? Is it messy? How wet do you get the diapers when you spray them off? How far into the toilet do you hold the diapers when you spray them?

I haven't yet found an instructional video on this -haha. Maybe I should check youtube.

Krista said...

I can't imagine CD'ing without a diaper sprayer! It makes it SO easy. I simply take the diaper and wipe(s) to the toilet, lift the seat, hold the diaper in the toilet (but not in the water) and spray it off. You can adjust the strength of the spray with the handle so it doesn't have to fly onto the toilet seat :). Then I drop my soppy wet diaper and wipe into the diaper pail, which is right next to the toilet. Every two days I carry my pail to the washing machine and dump it all in(including wet sack) and wash.

Christina said...

It is quite intimidating and yes we sometimes get water on the toilet and floor. I hold my diaper as far into the toilet as I can (seat all the way up) and don't worry if it hits the water. Sometimes I leave the diaper soaking face down if the poop is really bad. Then you don't have to spray as much. After cleaning the diaper with the sprayer - I wring it out and roll it up. Then I carry ours to the wetpail in either kids room. (Hollie - we HAVE to win the prize for smallest bathroom. Ours won't even hold a wet pail!) I then return to the bathroom and wipe up any water with a clorox wipe and wash my hands. I've gotten it down to where I rarely spill water outside the toilet. Don't be afraid! Seriously, it makes cleaning out the diaper SOOOOO much easier! Maybe one of us can make a video....That would be funny!

Jackie said...

Christina, I wondered if you had any suggestions for selling the cloth diapers. Graham had a rash for over two months that would not go away. It finally did when I stopped using the cloth diapers, so now I'm looking to sell everything since we're not using them anymore. I have a diaper swappers account and plan to list the stuff there once it's all clean and I can get pictures of it all.

Hollie said...

Christina is the queen of selling dipes on diaper swappers, so she's the expert, but I have sold a few wool covers that I made on diaper swappers, as well as have bought some wool and interlock covers. It's a great website and quite entertaining. Pictures are definitely a must. Can I ask why type of cloth diaper you were using? Did you ever smell build-up or an ammonia smell after they were urinated on? I am just wondering what was causing your son to break out in a rash. Hmm...were your cloth diapers cotton or synthetic? Just curious.

I'm with Krista and Christina, I don't know what I'd do without our diaper sprayer. There's definitely a learning curve and yes, you do get water flying every which way in the beginning and sometimes even once you've gotten the hang of it. I like Christina's idea of letting the diaper soak in the toilet. I have to retrain my mind concerning the toilet because I have alwasys avoided the toilet at all costs, but how will our poopie diapers get any more dirty by soaking them (if we're faithful to routinely clean our toilets)? Every time Hugh uses the diaper sprayer he mentions that it has to spread more germs, but he hasn't used it as much as I have. Like I said, it's a learning curve. I keep a cleaner spray bottle in the bathroom to quickly clean off the sink knobs, the diaper sprayer, and the toilet handle/flusher. Those are the three that get it the most. I also try to turn on the sink with my forearms or have it running on low (all the while getting HOT) while spraying the diaper off quickly. I wring out my dipes, which is nasty at first, but you get used to it. Sounds like a lot of mayhem, but really like anything else, once you get used to it, it's really not bad. But in summation, I wouldn't DARE cloth diaper without a sprayer. I read about some mothers using spatulas to scrape it off the diaper. No way. I'd never get my diapers clean. OH and I'm a big fan of BAC-OUT as well, thanks to Christina's recommendation.

p.s. I love my sprayer because I can adjust the flow and that's all part of the learning curve. If Jojo (her husband) makes you one, can he make one that has an adjustable flow? That's key!

Leah said...

Okay, I don't use a diaper sprayer. I shake out what poop I can in the toilet and then put the diaper in the pail. I've never tried a sprayer, but I think we get along fine without one. I just do a cold presoak before my wash.

Leah said...

I am very new to cloth, and have made the switch in part to reading many of your posts:-) I do not use a diaper sprayer. I use flushable liners and only put them in the diaper around the time of the 'usual daily poo'. Sometimes I miss it, but my daughter is 19 months old and I can normally shake it right off. I also use my spray bottle (that I use for the wipes) to spray off the 'hanger-on-ers'. Only rarely do I actually have to dunk it in the toilet:-) Just for the record, I use prefolds and covers during the day, and BumGenius 3.0 for overnight. I was very blessed to have a friend pass along to me the prefolds when she switched to BG 3.0.

Christina said...


First of all - I like Hollie's questions about ammonia smell and what type of fabrics they were. I'd love to know as well...I know Will broke out in a really red rash before I switched to using Dawn to wash my diapers. The detergent was leaving build up behind and irritating his skin. Just a thought...

About selling them - I do use Diaperswappers a lot. I've bought on Craigslist before - but not sold any diapers there. You may not have a very active Craigslist where you live though...With diaperswappers - have lots of pictures, good descriptions and you'll be fine! I've never had a problem selling anything there. Remember to include shipping in your price and consider that when you price your items!

What are you trying to get rid of? I know you used fuzzi bunz at one point - got any size smalls??? :)

A + J said...

I've used indian prefolds, (med) fuzzi bunz, and bg 2.0's. I don't think they had any build up on them and I've changed detergents several times thinking that might have been the problem.


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