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Posted by  | Sunday, May 4, 2008  at 2:03 AM  
Hi ladies! I've been traveling this week (without the computer) and have had a great time catching up on the posts and discussion for the week. I love all the suggestions out there. Since a lot of what I would expound upon has already been said, I'm going to be brief:

1. Set Goals - Wheather it's to read a book a month, bi-monthly, etc. always have a goal before you that you're working toward.

2. Always be reading something - There may be days (or weeks) where you don't get to pick up your book, but be reading something. Take your book with you in a diaper bag or purse too, so if you find yourself out with a few free minutes you can take advantage of the time. There have been lots of good reading suggestions on here, so that's a great place to start.

3. Make your daily Quiet Time a priority - As tempting as the computer, tv, cleaning up, etc. can be first thing in the morning, I find that if I put Jesus first and spend time with Him first, the rest of the things in my day will come into place. Conversely, if I don't put my QT first, my whole day is off. I even pray that He would order my day because He knows all that I need to do and can organize my time much better than I can. If I get up and think I have time to check email and then have QT, it never fails that Lydia will wake up and I don't get to have my QT. (If you are a nursing mom, use that time nursing to read.)

4. Share with your husband what you're learning - This will help bind your hearts together, challenge and refine one another in Him, and give you great conversation topics as you purposely set aside meaningful time for your husband everyday.

5. Pray together - Taking time to educate ourselves both spiritually and academically is important, but praying brings it full circle. God wants to use what He's teaching us in our lives and prayer is the most important element.

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KC said...

Thanks for including the points about sharing and praying with your husband. It is sooooo important to make our walk with God a family thing. It also helps you and your husband be on the same page with the big and small things in life!

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