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Posted by  | Monday, May 12, 2008  at 12:20 AM  
This week's topic is all about housework. To be honest, I am not too fond of housework. I like it in theory, but not necessarily in practice. And I'm definitely not a natural at it. But I know that my home is my workplace and our family's refuge, so I am trying to put more effort into doing a good job that pleases my husband and my Heavenly Father. Here is my housework schedule:

Monday - Vacuum rugs
Tuesday - Clean kitchen floor
Wednesday - Clean kitchen counters, cabinets & fridge
Thursday - Grocery, Dust
Friday - Clean floors
Saturday - Clean bathrooms & wash all linens

The hard part for me is making the time each day to do this. Now that Joel is almost 2 months old, we are working on getting him into more of a daily routine. I've penciled in two times during the day that I could quickly get my daily housework chore done.

The other thing I'm working on is laundry. Ed does his own laundry (he prefers this - he's done his own for so long that it's just easier for him to keep doing it). I used to keep separate baskets for Samuel and myself, but now that we have Joel too, it all ends up mixed together. My new plan is to keep the laundry down in the laundry room and sorted so that I can do a load each time the basket gets filled up.

I would say that cleaning the kitchen is my most satisfying chore because everything looks so nice when I'm done. My least favorite is definitely cleaning the shower/tub - I never feel like it is clean enough. Any good shower cleaning ideas?

So, ladies, the rest is up to you. Please share your housekeeping schedules, any great housekeeping tips you have, or what your favorite/least favorite chore is. Thanks for sharing!


Matt and Stacey said...

I have always hated tubs myself, Leah! I don't have them here but I used to use Mr. Clean's magic eraser on our tub and it worked great with little effort. (I just used regualar dish soap along with the magic eraser.)
Happy Cleaning!

Ross and Shannon said...

I am one who loves cleaning! :) (This can create a problem for me, when I prioritize it over many other things!) As for a schedule,I clean the entire house in detail all in one morning of the week.(I have to work around feeding and sleeping time for the boys,but it works itself out usually) Each night after bedtime, I straighten back up and sweep. This makes my "cleaning day" much easier, because there is not clutter to put away! (Leah, as for tubs, AJAX Dishwashing Liquid works great!)

Matt and Stacey said...

I just read my comment again and I have to say...I do have tubs here! I just don't have Mr. Clean Magic erasers!

Leah said...

I have the horrible problem of 'lack of follow-through': I do the laundry, but then don't fold and put it away; I run the dishwasher, then don't unload it; I clean part of the bathroom, but not all of it. I am trying to get better, but it is a struggle!

Two things that have really helped me: hosting a small group every week, and finding the right products to use to clean. Having people in our home on a regular schedule forces me to clean on a regular schedule. When my home is clean, life is much happier! And finding the right products is great:-) I recently started making my own cleaners, and I am excited about using healthier products around the home. I love a good scrub for the bathtub and grimy sinks, and Clorox Wipes for a quick cleanup. Also, I finally found the right setting on my vacuum cleaner to actually clean my floor! It has made a huge difference:-)

Anonymous said...

I am somewhat OCD when it comes to cleaning. This could be a good thing, but it frustrates me SO MUCH that I usually do everything I can think of to avoid cleaning. While living in New Orleans, I discovered the FlyLady. I don't know if any of you gals have heard of her, but check out her website, www.flylady.net. She starts you out by creating daily habits and gradually adds things to them. In the course of a month, your entire house gets cleaned from top to bottom by focusing on a different "zone" each week. You can also subscribe to email reminders that will gently (and humorously) remind you of what you need to do on a specific day. I love her! I stopped subscribing when we moved because I didn't want to clutter my inbox while I wasn't following her steps. Now that we have unpacked, I am going to start back. At the height of my "flying" I was cleaning for MAYBE 45 minutes a day, but that was broken up into a morning routine, evening routine, and my zones. Check her out- you will at least gets some good laughs!

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