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First off - let me apologize for the lack of posting lately! It appears we are all quite busy. I know for myself, internet time has been limited now that our only computer lives in the room where the baby sleeps! This will change as soon as we move (we got an offer on our house yesterday!) but in the meantime - I'm limited. I don't dare try to use the computer while Adeline sleeps...that is PRECIOUS time.

I wanted to do a quick post to make you all aware of an issue that has recently been brought to the attention of my husband and I. It's about a tv show on CBS called "Swingtown." Maybe you're like us and hadn't heard of it until now, but that is why I'm writing. This past week, we received an email from one of the pastors at our church. He was asking for believers to take action in asking tv executives to remove this show from the air. Having children has certainly made me all the more aware of what kinds of television shows are on tv and which ones we chose to watch! Our pastor includes a bit of info about what the show is about, but I'm sure if you visit the cbs website - you can find plenty more.

Please read part of his email below. If you are in the Raleigh area (and I know many of our readers are or once were!) - please consider emailing John Harris. I know my husband has emailed with him and received a response similar to the one described below.

Last week I was told of a TV show that was airing called Swingtown. You may be like me and haven’t heard of it. (Below I have copied an excerpt for the first episode of Swingtown.)

As a pastor who has worked weekly with teens who battle porn addictions, come from broken homes and drug use, this show was of GREAT concern to me as it glamorizes open sex, porn, drug use and rips at the core of the institution of marriage. As a dad I am increasingly alarmed at the filth that daily bombards my children.

Until this show I haven’t been one to petition but this show crosses a sacred line for me and I hope it does for you as well. I am writing today to ask for 5 minutes of your time. Would you please email the WRAL-TV general manager John Harris? His email address is jharris@wral.com.

Also the owner of Capitol Broadcasting Company is Jim Goodmon. You can email his assistant at; afrancioni@cbc-raleigh.com

After you email you will receive a quick email back in an attempt to pacify you. When you receive this email please email the sender back and share again your concern. To this point WRAL feels the response they have received is “tolerable”. In other words enough parents have not responded which is sad.

Please think of your response in terms of standing for your children and grandchildren. What battles will they have to fight if we will not stand up for them? You may forward this email to others that you feel might respond. Until WRAL receives an avalanche of response they plan to continue to air this show. I personally emailed John Harris 8-12 times last Thursday as he tried his best to explain to me that this show was innocent “drama”.

Outside of Raleigh???

If you are receiving this email outside of Raleigh I want to ask you to use your influence to address this also in your local area. I have been told from many that the battle has to come at the local area. Blog, email or call.

From Swingtown 1st show….

“Last Thursday CBS premiered a new summer program, “Swingtown” which is being touted by the network as “intriguing, summer fun”.

“There is nothing “fun” about the show - rather it is repugnant and destructive and one of the worst, if not the worst, show we’ve seen on network television. “Swingtown”, set in 1976, portrays “open marriage” and group sex as not only commonplace, but also as a boost for marital intimacy. And it ignores the facts regarding the addictive, damaging impact of pornography and gives the message that porn use, even by young boys, is no big deal.


Kirsi said...

Praise the Lord! I will definitely send emails. I'm likely moving to that area in about a month and I don't have children, but it pains me to see the stuff that younger kids can watch.

Kama said...

I went to cbs.com and in the Feedback part at the bottom, you can lodge a complaint there as well. Thanks for putting this out there. If enough people ask for it to be removed, maybe they will listen!

Christina said...

Kama (and others!)

In a previous email our pastor mentioned that this feedback at the cbs website will not be heard. He was told by execs at WRAL (local CBS station here in Raleigh) that it is at the local level where opinions are heard.

That said, please still use the feedback at CBS - but ALSO email directly station managers and owners in your area. These are the ones that have an impact on CBS directly. Does that make sense? Thank you all for taking action against this!

anonymous said...

will you only publish comments that support your own ideas, instead of all comments that might be useful and make a valid point???

Christina said...

this blog is set to publish all comments and they are not moderated. I'm not sure exactly what you're referring to. Did you try to post a comment and it did not appear? Maybe there was an error. Please try again!

Shannon said...

We don't watch a lot of tv, so I hadn't heard of this. However, I am often really shocked at what is coming through the television these days. So much of it seems like a grand waste of time. And can you believe there is actually a tv show on ABC called "Dirty, Sexy, Money"?! I'm generally not a fanatic, but I wonder what kind of impact it would make if Christians nation-wide went on tv strike!

Hollie said...

Wow. Like Shannon, I had not heard of this show because we really don't watch much t.v., as I'm sure you don't either Christ8ina. Who has time? But I'm thankful to you for posting about this. This will be a first protest that I've done regarding TV shows, but I will fight it nonetheless. That show just sounds awful. Thanks for sharing Christina.

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