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Posted by  | Saturday, June 7, 2008  at 3:04 AM  
At the end of last year we discussed feeding babies on POH. In my post I talked about what I did with Lydia, and what I'll do differently next time. As I look back over Lydia's short life so far, this still is the thing I am most likely to change if the Lord blesses us with future children. I re-read it again today and wouldn't change a word of how it was written. I just can't encourage new moms enough - don't succomb to the pressure to introduce foods to your breast-fed baby too early, especially if you're not ready. I hope you'll enjoy reading (or re-reading) the post on feeding babies!


markandmeg said...

i just wanted to say that I totally agree with you and that is probably the only thing I want to change with my next baby. I started my baby on solids right at 6 months because she had started waking up at night and everyone kept telling me that solid food would help her sleep better. I don't really think it did, and I think it caused my milk supply to decrease. She was a normal weight, almost chunky even, until I started her on solids, and as soon as I did, she started dropping on the growth charts and we are still dealing with her being underweight! I'm pregnant again and I am gong to try to wait a year before introducing solids to my next baby!

Christy said...

I started my second on solids later than my first but if I had waited to have my first fulfill all of the requirements that you listed for starting solids this would not have happened until he was around thirteen months old. He didn't get his first tooth until then and he was ready to start before that, that is for sure. I never felt pressured by anyone to start either of my boys on solids. I guess I was blessed in this area. I was eager to start Asa on solids and actually started him around five months old. Well actually he ate like three bites. I wasn't strict with giving it to him sometimes I would go to or three days without giving him any solids in the beginning it wasn't until around nine/ten months that I started to be consistent with giving him a regular meal time feeding. I knew that he was getting the nutrients that he was needing from his formula (sadly, I was unable to nurse either of my boys for any length of time.) Now my Eli, I have been the same way as far as being lax in consistency with giving him solids. He is already grabbing at the food on my plate and enjoys his feeding time so I am starting to be more consistent with giving him a solid. I have never given my boys rice cereal which is one of the traditional things that you are told to give your baby. I actually started both on bananas and have progressed from there. I stick with the fruits and veggies and introduce cereal later and never the rice cereal I like oatmeal better.
On another not I am slowly changing my families diet to a more healthy one. I am starting by eliminating most of the processed foods that we eat. I saw something one day and the guy stated that if it doesn't spoil then it really isn't food. And well that got me thinking. I am hoping that by the end of the year we will be 90% fresh foods. I think having children really opened up my eyes.

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