Asher Daniel Chappell

Posted by  | Thursday, August 14, 2008  at 1:46 PM  

We wanted to post an update for our readers. A few weeks ago, we were blessed with several amazing women who shared their testimonies with us. One of those was Casey Chappell. You can read her post here. Her son, Asher Daniel, was born on August 9th. He was able to meet his parents and take a few breaths on his own. Praise the Lord for his sovereignty and this sweet blessing.

Casey and her husband wrote the following on their blog:

"Give thanks to the Lord for He is good, His Steadfast love endures forever. We desperately need this truth to sink in today. The last week has been filled with hope and with new plans to ready the arrival of our Son, Asher. Yesterday was a suprise to us, but not to God. God brought our precious boy into this world @ 9:08pm and took him to be in the arms of Jesus shortly after. We do not understand fully through our pain, but our only real comfort is also our only hope: That God understands the death of His Son and that death has also brought us life and is giving Asher the chance to dance right now. "

Please join us in praying for Casey and her family.

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Shannon said...

What a beautiful picture of your precious and perfect son. I'm so sorry that you have to give him up until you see him again with the Lord. I pray you will have grace and strength.

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