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I love to read blogs. I have so many that I keep up with that I think I would be lost without the wonderful invention that is Google Reader. If you don't know what this is, you are really missing out on a handy tool. You can check it out here. Most of the blogs I read are family blogs of friends I've made over the years. Here are my favs:
1. Life in 3-D. This is Meagan's family blog. She is a frequent commenter on POH and a sometimes Guest Author. She is probably the sweetest person I know - seriously. And she is a very good blogger - I almost always have an update from her when I log on.
2. The Way We Do Things. Margaret was one of the original POH authors. She leads a full, interesting life and I love to hear what she is up to. She is very industrious and shares many of her chores and hobbies on her blog.
There are a few blogs that are family blogs, but also full of very useful tips and instructions. The two best are:
1. Christina's Blog - she is a champion coupon shopper. Check out all her great couponing advice.
2. Hollie's Blog - she is a great cook and great seamstress. She always seems to have a fun little cooking or sewing project going on.
Finally, there are a handful of blogs I love to read that make me think. Two that I've just started reading are:
1. Pursuing Fear. Shannon just started this blog and it promises to be very thought-provoking and faith motivating. I can vouch for Shannon and say that she is a godly woman that I really look up to. I was so excited to see she started this blog.
2. Wifestry. Amy is a contributor to Wifestry and a frequent commentor on POH. Her blog is similar to POH in that it has multiple authors commenting on various topics. Check it out if you haven't before - there's some really great stuff there.

That's my short list. Anyone else have one to throw out there?


The Monier Family said...

Hi there:)
I enjoy this blog from time to time and like to read the various topics that you touch upon.
I have noticed, however, that there is nothing on developmental disorders.
Any chance that you may include that as a future topic?

tenjuices said...

ever hear of
They got some cute kids there and I think the dad is witty and creative...

The Lourceys said...

I absolutely love the blog! She's honest, wise and hysterical!

noahandlylasmommi said...

thanks for sharing :)
here are a few I check everyday!

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