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I remember way back when in my newly-wed days (ahem, ...4 long years ago) how I felt like June Clever when Hugh would come in from a hard day's work. I WAS June. I'd hustle and bustle after work so that the table was set with a 5-course meal before he came home at 6:00, and a salad that was overflowing with veggies from our little garden out back. I greeted him at the door, sporting a fresh dusting of powder on the nose, lip gloss, a big smile and of course a hug & kiss. Welcome home honey! "Boy, married life is so much fun," I thought.

I laugh now thinking back to those days where we soley focused on each other without distraction. But really, compared to now, it was a bit boring. I'm happy to have the crazy life that I do, and although I strive to be like June, I know I'm not quite up to step with her just yet. My organization of mealtime is less than ideal, but it's in the works.

What do we do? Like many of the other POH authors, I have my keepers that we repeat frequently, but I always like to try new things. My mom is always sending me recipes in the mail and calling me up with a new dish she's just made. I'm game from minute one. That's my personality. That's why I still NEED the skeleton of planning to keep me grounded, with all of these scrumptious meals that I want to make on the budget that we have.

Breakfast: I've thrown out our cereal boxes months ago and try to eat more protein and wholesome foods during this meal. Now, when company comes, usually they will get some cereal for them.
eggs and homemade bread (most days)
Oatmeal Bake (with blueberries & Sucanat--soaking overnight)
Egg cassarole (usually when company comes)
pancakes (my favorite)
Honey/cinnamon bread
French toast (from homemade bread, with real butter and pure maple syrup-- AMAZING!)
Cinnamon rolls (when company comes)

Lunch: With Hugh being in class, he's able to come home for lunch on most days, so I try to make something substantial, especially if he's working that night.
hamburgers on grill
hot dogs (nitrate & preservative free)
Sunday lunch I try to cook Saturday night, so that we can come home and eat immediately. I love coming home on Sundays instead of going out. I like roasts on these days.

Pinwheel chicken tenders
Crockpot Italian chicken
Pizza w/ homemade sauce (I make this every week, usually every Friday)
Cordon Bleu
Fajitas (I usually make this every other week)
Spagetti (don't make often)
Lasagna (don't make often)
Pot Pie (a fav!!)
Cuban blackbean soup (and spicy too!)
grilled Salmon
Chicken Stir-fry

homemade icecream
Golden Peach Crunch: (cinnamon, peaches, oatmeal, butter, lemon juice, sucanat)
Carson Pound Cake: for special occassions


noahandlylasmommi said...

so cute to hear what you did as a newlywed. I need to try to do that a little more often. At least look nice for my husband when he gets home, have dinner made and ask him how his day was. I will be working on that this week.

Krista said...

Will you post your Cuban Black Bean Soup and Crockpot Italian Chicken recipes?!


Hollie said...

Yes girl, I'd love to. The Cuban BB soup is YUMMY with a dollop of sour cream in the middle. Yummy!
The Crockpot Italian chicken recipe has already been posted in the last recipe section. That's when Leah picked it up.

The Hudgins said...

pinwheel chicken, eh?

pinwheels, pinwheels spinning around!

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