Different Birthday Scenarios

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I don’t know about your life but ours is SO unpredictable! Each year (well, each moment) is hard to keep consistent. I was talking with a friend and told her I really didn’t know what I was going to write about for my week to start our Birthday discussion because we haven’t had a “set in stone” plan each year. I decided that I would just give different scenarios for Birthday ideas that we have done in our family.

Birthdays for Toddlers under 3

--Mom decides the plan, cake, theme…everything! They don’t know and they really don’t care!
--If they have a friend or two, invite them to the house with their parents…serve light snacks, cake and ice cream.
--We give a small gift because AGAIN they don’t care!

Birthdays for ages 4 and up

--Everyone’s birthday DAY is special for them.
--If it falls during the week when there is school and work, they still get to choose what is for supper that day. Parties are moved to the weekend in this case.
--The child is allowed to choose what kind of cake and ice cream they want to have for the party…this can be as simple as a box cake or a fancy cake from the store they choose.
--The theme is chosen by the child…Barbie, spiderman, princess, spa party, popcorn/movie party, etc..
--The plans (place and children invited) are decided from a discussion between the child and parents.

Birthday planning for overseas

Before we moved overseas we made a trip to a party supply store. We explained before going that we were going to choose plates and napkins for the next 3 years for their birthdays because we wouldn’t be back to visit the states for 3 years. I was not sure what kind of supplies I would find overseas and I wanted to make sure their birthdays were still really special! I also purchased a generic “Happy Birthday” sign to hang in the house for each birthday, several pack of candles, several plastic table cloths in different colors, balloons and several rolls of streamer.

Our kids loved this trip! I was worried that the younger ones wouldn’t really understand because they can’t comprehend time but they did great. With Meredith, our 12 year old, she was able to “try to imagine” what she would be “into” at each age. When we arrived in our new home overseas, we began unpacking. The kids found all of their party supplies and were so excited! We unpacked them and made a “party supply cabinet” in the kitchen. They now know what the theme is for each year. It has also been a way for them to know exactly how many more birthdays they have to celebrate before they can celebrate one with their families back in the states.

As it turns, out we can find several party supplies here but I am still very glad that we planned ahead. It has meant so much to my kids and that makes me feel so good knowing that their Birthday DAY is so special for them!

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