Lydia THIS week!

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I'm posting this for Krista, as she and her family are quite busy this week! Krista, her husband Josh and 2 year old Lydia traveled to Germany last week for Lydia to have surgery with an American doctor that specializes in hemangiomas. Lydia had surgery early Monday morning and is doing well! Here's the background (from Krista):

In a nutshell, when she was 2 weeks old we noticed a small “scratch” above her right eye. Rather than going away it began to grow and grow and grow. It was diagnosed as a hemangioma and we heard all kinds of information as we read medical research and saw doctors both in America and overseas. It grew until she was about 8 months old, then leveled off. Hers was not only a strawberry, but also very puffy and swollen around the red part.

Most doctors advised us to do nothing and that it would go away over time, although when we asked if they’d ever seen one like this they said no. We were content to not intervene (and really preferred that option) but also wanted to talk with a doctor who had experience with facial hemangiomas. In a totally God-orchestrated meeting last May we learned of a doctor in NY who specialized in this very thing. We immediately contacted him via email and sent pictures. He said he dealt with hemangiomas such as Lydia’s all the time (removes on average 15-20 per week just like hers) and that it would not go away on its own. He also said that if we went ahead with surgery it would be much better to do so while she was younger (for a variety of reasons).

Anyway, since that time we have been dealing with insurance, praying about what to do, and working out the details to meet up with this doctor in Berlin where he travels several times each year to do surgeries on patients that cannot come to America. . .

Lydia did great with the surgery and they are out of the hospital now, enjoying some time in Germany. They will keep enjoying some bratwurst and sauerkraut while they wait for Lydia to get her stitches out. Krista says they are having a hard time finding good internet access. So until then, here are the things we can be praying for!

  • That Lydia would make a quick recovery
  • That Lydia would sleep comfortably and get rest
  • For all of the other children we saw at the hospital (many of whom are from Russia and Poland)
  • The scar would heal and fade (because of the size of the tumor he had to make a larger incision than he had expected – it is half of the length of her eyebrow)
  • She would not be fearful next Wednesday when the stitches are removed (she was SO SCARED yesterday when they removed the head dressing and today when they removed the drain – she screamed and clung to us)

I would also add (although Krista didn't specify this) to be praying for Josh and Krista too! What a wild ride and Krista is handling all of this while pregnant with twins. Pray for their strength and health as well. Pray for safety and smooth travels home as well.

So, that is what is going on with Krista's child (at least the one on the outside :) this week!


The Eckerts said...

Twins! How exciting. I will be praying...

Shannon said...

I just love their family! And I've never personally met them. Isnt' the internet an amazing tool used by God to connect people - and even bring about the needed surgery for Lydia?! God is so good!

Thanks for sharing on behalf of Krista and her (growing) family!

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