Our Apologies

Posted by  | Friday, November 7, 2008  at 4:12 PM  
Okay, so I find it really amusing that the week on "Outreach as a Mom" is completely silent on our end!! So sorry about that! I'm not sure whether that means we are all so busy reaching out that we don't have time to write about it or that we are so NOT busy reaching out that we don't have anything to say! :)

Seriously, reaching out to others to share the love of Christ is a number one priority for all of us. And we really do want to share all about it with all of you. But somehow this week has not worked out to be the week to share. I can vouch that Hollie and I have been potty-training our kiddos, Krista has been in Germany with no internet, Stacey is a mother of THREE kids(!), and Christina has started watching a third child in her home as well! We have decided to regroup over the weekend and get a fresh start first thing Monday morning. We will just bump all of our topics back a week.

In the meantime, we hope you all have a blessed weekend. May you consider how to devote yourselves and your children to the Lord, just as Hannah did.


Curt, Mariah, & Carli Badura said...

I have missed reading posts. Glad to hear everyone is OK. Looking forward to future posts.

I just came off of bed rest and our little one is still hanging in there! :-)

If you get time, swing by our blog www.cmbadura.blogspot.com


Hugh & Hollie Carson said...

Just so you know, Mariah, my friend who posted above, just had their little boy yesterday!! All natural too! Go Mariah!

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