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If I'm surfing the web, I'm either emailing, blogging, visiting craft/designer or nutrition websites. I thrive off of inspiration from other craft blogs as well as nutritional advice. Nowadays, I don't have a lot of time to find new ones and surf the net, and I also get "ansy" after a while of sitting on my bum in front of the computer, so I love recommendations and leads. My good friend Shannon, who also loves to look at craft/nutrition, will email me anything she comes across that that helps me find more crafty inspiration.

Here are the blogs/websites I frequent:

Weston A. Price Foundation
This is where it's at my friends. I LOVE this website, for it's not just recipes, it's mainly articles on nutrition, health, the latest discoveries on things that affect our whole well-being, etc.. I learn so so much from this site.

Passionate Homemaking
Okay, I know that I'm not "supposed" to list "family" blogs that I visit, and technically some of the advice on this blog is "family-oriented" but there are LOTS of nutrition articles and advice. This girl is amazing. She's young and how she learned all of this knowledge at such a young age is unbelievable. It's all about the influence of her family in the years she was home and under their direction, guidance and care. She posts once a day, sometimes twice. This is a blog to which my friend Shannon opened my eyes. She's also a believer and let me just tell you, the Scripture she uses will sharpen and challenge you.

The Angry Chicken
This is a wonderful website for LOTS of inspiration! I have a sewing book by Amy Carol, the author of The Angry Chicken, and I love love love this sewing book. It's called Bend The Rules Sewing. One of my favorite things to check out on The Angry Chicken is the "show and tell" for the Bend The Rules Sewing book. It's a flickr book and people post all of their crafts that they make from her book. It really helps me see color schemes, designs, how people have altered patterns...etc. Not to mention, Amy Carol posts on food, sewing, crafts, and design, and it's all very inspiring.

Craft Leftovers
I don't always check this blog out, but I would do it a lot more if I had a lot more time.

Bella Dia
Another fun one I'd love to chew on more often.


Mark'sMeg said...

I've learned a ton from Passionate Home-making and Weston Price as well. I've also gotten a bunch of nutritious recipes from:

I also love these blogs for ideas of crafts to do with my toddler:

Hugh & Hollie Carson said...

Those are awesome websites. Thanks for sharing! Oh, I'm so excited!

Shannon Bradley said...

Hollie, I looked at the Passionate Home-making site and I LOVE IT!!

Mallory, Amy & John Mark said...

Great websites, ladies! Thanks for taking the time to share these.

I really like Christy's Thrifty Decorating. She has great ideas that are always on a budget.

I also can't miss this opportunity to put in a plug for my handmade card blog/website. Put it in your google reader because I do free giveaways often!

Thanks again for a great blog- looking forward to the upcoming topics!

Shannon said...

I LOVE that no time for flash cards site!!! Awesome.

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