Leah's 2009 Resolutions

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These are my resolutions for the year 2009, NOT that I have 2009 resolutions!

I sat down to make my list at the end of November. I wanted to think through what I would focus on this year and try to concentrate on what was most important. To help me do that, I first thought through "My Job Description" and "My Duties". Here's how it goes:

My Job Description
-To love God and keep His commandments
-To love my hsuband and show him honor and respect in the way I speak and act
-To love my children and train them up in the way of the Lord
-To love my Christian sister and teach her to be self-controlled, pure, a hard worker at home, kind, and submissive

My Duties
-Read my Bible and pray daily
-Reflect on God's characteristics
-Listen to Ed and respect what he says
-Read the Bible to the boys and talk to them about God
-Teach other women
-Be a hard worker at home by...
-Cleaning daily
-Meal planning
-Doing laundry
-Grocery shopping

Thinking through these things helped me to see weaknesses in my life and come up with a better list of goals to work on. Here's what I came up with:

-Read through the Bible, noting God's mercy and compassion. It helps me to have a task at hand when I sit down to read the Word.
-Spend $50 or less average on groceries each week. This is a goal that will take me all year to work my way towards. I am at about $100/week right now. I'm trying to gradually take it down by re-evaluating my meals, buying less convenience food, and stocking up when I find good prices. I hope to be at this goal by the end of the year.
-Take my prenatal vitamin, fiber supplement, and use my estrogen supplement every day. I am absolutely HORRIBLE about consistently taking medicine.
-Continue to limit my time on the computer. I have cut back a lot the past month or so and I want to keep this up. I want to spend time with my family and working on my home instead of wasting all sorts of time doing silly things (Facebook time warp, anyone?)
-Stop watching Grey's Anatomy. I like watching this show but sometimes it is a bit too much for me and so I decided to just stop watching it. I haven't missed it.
-Be intimate with my husband __ times/week. I'm too embarrassed to write the number, but let's just say it's more than what we have been doing! :) Ed works from 3pm-11pm and so this is such a tough area for us. I am trying really hard to be more open to intimacy. I'm also embarrassed b/c I'm pretty sure my mom reads this blog!
-Write things in the checkbook. I stink at this and it drives my husband crazy.
-Do Quicken. Ugh, my parents have harped on me for years to do Quicken and I don't know why I don't b/c it is so great, but I think it is the consistency thing that always messes me up. To be honest, it is Jan. 16th and I still haven't started!
-Ask Ed before spending money. He has asked me time and again to do this. I am trying to keep it up in order to honor him.
-Keep a short prayer list in my Bible and pray for them daily. I have an empty slot now because Hollie is pregnant! Praise God!
-Do memory verse with Samuel. Haven't worked on this one yet either.
-Make cleaning schedule and STICK TO IT. Ugh, I hate to clean.
-Actively find ways to respect Ed, namely in the way I speak to him. I'm really embarrassed as I type this because he just left the house for work after I made a sarcastic comment to him! We are both very sarcastic people and it can be so easy to make cuts at each other with our words in the name of "just teasing" or "just being funny."

That's mine! I am nervous for the end of the year to come around and I will have to face these IN PRINT. Yikes.


Hugh & Hollie Carson said...

Great list Leah. I'm going to piggy-back you in some of these.

marymstraits said...

Thanks for sharing, Leah. I can relate to many of your resolutions and really appreciate your transparency!!!!

If you don't mind me asking, why do you take the estrogen and fiber supplements?


Christina said...

Leah - Do you own Quicken yet? If not..there is a fantastic deal at Staples right now...

Basically you buy TurboTax Deluxe (Fed, State and Efile) PLUS Quicken for a total of $96. You do a Quicken rebate for $30 and a Staples easy rebate for $30 to make your OOP $36. Which is about what I normally spend on Turbo Tax each year! (You have to buy both to use each rebate...)

I'm excited to try it out!!

Leah said...

Christina - I already have both of these, but that is a great deal and I hope others get in on it.

Mary - I take the fiber b/c I have a chronic fissure (I've had a tear in my innards since 1999 that can only be repaired by some awful surgery that I don't want). Metamucil really helps me when I'm consistent with it. And I do the estrogen b/c I am really, painfully dry in secrect places after having babies and breastfeeding. This also helps when I'm consistent with it. I realize that all may have been TMI for a lot of people, but I wrote here b/c maybe it is just the right info for someone else. Both of these things have greatly improved my quality of life.

Hugh & Hollie Carson said...

Okay....what is Quicken? And Christina, you are ALWAYS on top of EVERY deal out there. HOW? How do you stay so informed? For example, how did you know about the Quicken and Turbo Tax deal? Did you just read the Staples flyer?

Christina said...

Quicken is similar to Microsoft Money (although I've never used either - so I'm just going off what others have told me.) Basically it links to your accounts and helps you keep up with bills and spending and such.

Yes, I read about this in the Staples flier...I was keeping my eyes out for a good deal on Turbo Tax.

I'm a little obsessive about finding deals...probably to a fault. Maybe this should be one of my resolutions!?

noahandlylasmommi said...

I think the one about keeping a prayer list is a great idea! I am going to do this! Thanks.

Curt, Mariah, & Carli Badura said...

we use quicken and love it! it has all our accounts and bills in 1 place and you can pay online and and and ...


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