Items I Use Every Day

Posted by  | Tuesday, April 14, 2009  at 10:02 PM  
1. A small step stool. This started out as our potty stool for Samuel. But now we use it all around the house (after a good cleaning, mind you!). It is especially handy when I'm nursing Joel and can't help Samuel reach something. I tell him to go get the stool and reach it himself. *I will say that Samuel is a very cautious little boy, so I trust him to reach for things on a stool. AND I put the stool up when I'm not around so he doesn't go reaching for things I don't know about.

2. A kitchen timer. Ours actually broke the other day and I've had to use the microwave timer and boy do I miss my little handheld timer. I use this thing for all sorts of things. Time outs, x minutes left until we have to clean up, x minutes that you get to watch this TV program before I turn off the TV, etc. I also use it for cleaning house. I HATE to clean. But if I set this little time for 5, 10, or 15 minutes and commit to cleaning for that amount of time, it somehow seems more bearable. I also use it to regulate the amount of time I spend on the computer. Very handy little thing.

3. Leap Frog Letter Factory DVD and Melissa & Doug's ABC Puzzle. Samuel got the puzzle for Christmas and learned all of his ABCs within a week. There is a picture underneath each letter and Samuel learned how to say things like "T is for tie." Then I borrowed the Letter Factory DVD from the library. He begged me a hundred times a day to watch it. I let him watch it once a day (it's 30 minutes) while I made dinner. He picked it up so quickly! Now Samuel knows all of the sounds to all of the ABCs. He notices letters everywhere we go and sounds them out. So fun!

4. In Step Bike Trailer. We bought this about a month ago and I LOVE it!! I take the boys everywhere in it. They fit nicely in the back and I feel safe riding my bike with them in it. I highly recommend it.


The Hudgins said...

leah, how old are your boys again? we really want a bike trailer and i have a large 3 year old (40 lbs) and a xtra large 7 month old (24 lbs). is it roomy enough for two big boys? how does it affect the control you have on your bike (too weighty, etc)

Leah said...

Samuel is 2 1/2 (27 lbs) and Joel is 1 (20 lbs). They are both small. The weight limit for the trailer is 100 combined pounds. To be honest, it is not super roomy. I am able to handle the trailer just fine. This was a big concern of mine, but I find it really easy to ride with the trailer attached - no worries at all. If you are interested in a trailer but unsure if your boys would fit, I would recommend looking at a bike shop that might have a display trailer or finding someone else that has one. It would definitely be a deal breaker if your boys didn't fit very well!

Ruth Palmer said...

Just thought I'd let Tara know that we have a bike trailer & used it when our girls were like 5 & 3 and they fit fine. I think you'd be OK.

Michelle said...

I have a wood stool that I bought at an unfinished furniture place for $8. I absolutely LOVE it! We use it all over the house!

And the timer is a great idea! I hate to clean too and could use all the help I can get!

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