Why do I have to be taught to be a hard worker at home?

Posted by  | Monday, May 18, 2009  at 8:00 AM  
I read quite a few blogs through my Google Reader, and Clair at Mummy Deals had a great post this past week about working at home. As soon as I sat down to write my post for today, I thought back to her post and realized that there are probably a lot of us who have similar feelings from time to time. We are so happy to be working at home, so in love with our children, but there are some days where we want to say "are you kidding me?! they don't pay me enough for this job!"

There are many days when I feel overwhelmed by the tasks at hand and underappreciated by my family and instead of just tackling life in the moment, I give up and don't do anything. I let the dishes sit in the sink, I let the laundry sit in the middle of the floor, I fix myself a bowl of cereal and I sit down on the couch to feel sorry for myself. Have you been there?

Then I think back to when I worked as a teacher. I did a good job. I showed up to work on time, dressed for the part, and worked really hard on my lesson plans and classroom instruction. I cared what my boss thought of me and I tried really hard to impress her. I tried to think of fun, creative things to do in the classroom that took us beyond the basics. What is so different now that I am at home? Why is it so tough to be a hard worker at home?

I find what I miss most about having a job outside the home is the sense of accomplishment and the appreciation for a job well done - in tangibles. I think that both of these happen at home through my kids and husband, but not like when I was working and my boss told me I was doing a good job or I saw a bonus in my paycheck. I miss showing up at work, dressed to work, and going home at the end of the day after putting in my hard work. At home, I know I'm on the clock 24-7 and I do it in my pajamas most days! I lose my sense of purpose and calling amidst the day-in/day-out stuff.

BUT, I know the contributions I'm making to this world through this job FAR outweigh what I did before children. And I know that if I just take a step back, I can see that I NEED to be on the ball for my family. The dishes need done, the laundry needs folded, my family needs my love and attention because God has made me the nurturer, the organizer, the builder-upper. I need to be a hard worker at home because I need to do all things as unto the Lord.

I think what I'm learning most right now is that when I try to do this on my own without depending on God, I get burned out. I get frustrated. I get resentful of my husband. I get tired of my kids. But on the days that I remind myself that I can't do this on my own, that I'm not as strong or capable as I might think I am, but instead ask the Lord to help me and humbly admit to Him that I need Him, THEN I can do my best to work hard at home. I can be reminded throughout the day that it pleases my husband, encourages my children, and honors the Lord.


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Josh and Donna said...

i NEEDED this post leah, thanks!

KC said...

I also think it is because at home, there is no instruction manual!

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