Our challenge: Potty Training!

Posted by  | Tuesday, June 9, 2009  at 9:54 PM  
Earlier this week, I sat down to write this post about potty training and decided to wait. We only started on Tuesday, so we're day at day 5 of this attempt. You see, we actually tried last November. It lasted through Christmas before I gave up and told him it was time to use diapers again. He never got the hang of his bowel movements and we were so weary of cleaning that up. It didn't phase him to go back to diapers and it is SO VERY CLEAR that he is ready now, a little more than 6 months later.

What's different this time? I think two things have been huge in our success this time. First, we have eliminated dairy from his diet and determined he is lactose intolerant. Please do not ask me why it took us this long to determine that - but no doctor had even suggested it when I mentioned his bowel habits (4-5 times a day and very loose). All told us it was normal - until recently. He's been dairy-free for about 3 weeks and his bowel habit is more like 2 a day now! I cannot even tell you how wonderful that is! He's also quit complaining of his tummy hurting - something he did at least several times a week prior to no dairy.

Secondly, I think he simply wasn't old enough! The difference in last time and this time has been night and day. Friday was day 4 and he only one accident and today he had ZERO and finally pooped in the potty! (I can say that here right? Because tonight, every customer at Applebees heard Will come running back to the table to tell me!) I know that every child is different, but I thought FOR SURE that Will was ready back at age 2.5! But I was wrong and those six months have made a world of difference for him!

I'm just praying that our forward momentum continues! We had some guest authors post a while back on potty training. (I'm so thankful - I've referenced it a few times this week!) Has anyone been potty training this week?

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