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This week we are talking about strollers. When I found out I was pregnant with twins, I realized I was going to need a better stroller than my Graco Mosaic umbrella stroller we currently used ie - I was going to need another set of hands! A friend of mine had a Phil and Teds and said I really needed to look into getting one. I did a little bit of research online and was happy with the reviews, loved the fact that it could be a single or double stroller, wasn't wide or long, was rugged and good for sports, and could hold 2 kids up to 70 pounds each. Some of the other authors will post more on other strollers and more comparing and contrasting than I am able to give. I'm simply going to show you the features of this stroller and why it works so well for us.
The stroller we got is a Phil and Teds Sport Buggy with Doubles Kit and we love it. When the twins were really small, I could put all 3 of my babies in there and go. It's sturdy and with air tires it feels like I'm pushing air. There are four positions so I can use it as a single stroller, stroller for toddler and baby, or two toddlers. Seats can recline or sit upright. I also love the fact that it can be a single stroller, for those times I only have one child with me, and, when it's double, that it's not extra long or extra wide. Here's some views of the stroller:
Lydia in front on top.

Side view - twins are in bassinet below.

View from the back - James and Luke sleeping in bassinet.

Now that the twins are bigger, only one baby will fit in the basinet. I sling one baby and the other two ride in the stroller. For now, my plan is for Lydia and one of the twins to ride. When the twins get too heavy to sling comfortably (this will be awhile; with Lydia I slung her until I got pregnant again when she was almost two) I will put both twins in the stroller and Lydia should be old enough to walk.

While I love this stroller, I would really only recommend it if you had three (or more) small children and needed the extra set of hands. OR, if you had two small children and weren't going to sling one. I say this because of the cost - these strollers are pricey. But, if you need a "double stroller" you may want to look into this option. I've often thought that, were I just having my first baby, I should've registered for this stroller and then had it for all my children - since it can be a great single stroller. (You could always add on the doubler kit later.)


Casey and Karen said...

I only have one baby but frequently take walks with other moms and we like to use my Phil and Ted's as a double. I found a good deal on one at Costco and have gotten a lot of use out of it. I have jogged with mine quite a few times, but it's not that great as a jogger. The front wheel shakes a lot. I have never tried any other joggers, so I don't know if that is normal or not. There are HUNDREDS of reviews of these strollers. It can get overwhelming trying to decide whether they are worth the money or not. I truly love mine and am sure I will love it even more living in Chicago with two little ones (hopefully another baby will join our family soon!).

Leah said...

Hey, I'm in Chicago! Where are you? We're in Niles.

Casey and Karen said...

Long story, but we won't be there until Nov. (moving from Vegas to Ohio then back to Chicago where we started out last year!). We will be in the city so that my husband doesn't have a long commute. I love going out to the suburbs, though, so maybe we can meet up sometime!

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