Why I Love Being a Mom

Posted by  | Monday, August 31, 2009  at 12:00 AM  
This is shared by my friend, Bekah, who is an amazing mom to six precious children!

Being a mom is the hardest job in the world, hands down. I’ve known this fact since I was a kid watching how hard my mom worked to love and care for myself and my younger brother. I didn’t necessarily know why it was hard, but it was apparent to me that it was a very important task, worthwhile in all aspects. I longed to be a mom since my earliest memories and now I am mom to 5 great kids, ages 11, 6, 5, 3, and 20 months. My husband and I are also expecting our 6th baby in November! I feel blessed to have been charged with rearing each of them.

As a mom I regularly find myself face to face with my greatest weaknesses. I love this part of being a mom. It is in these moments that I can let the Lord’s strength be made perfect in my weakness (2 Corinthians 12:9). I know that the Lord’s grace is sufficient for everyone in every situation, but I love the abundance of opportunity I have in the mothering experience to lean on the Lord. I don’t make the right choice every time. Sometimes I still choose to try to do things on my own, aside from Gods’ instruction. And every time I learn that His way is the BEST way. And each time I live this out right in front of my kids!

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I love being able to love Jesus and depend on him privately, and often publicly, just by living my life as a wife and mom. I am eager to watch each of my children and observe how they respond to Jesus. I am sure that I will learn to trust Him more as the coming years require fervent prayer for their tender souls!


Curt, Mariah, & Carli Badura said...

Thank you for sharing.

Do you home school?

Please share any advice in loving and serving your husband, sharing your time with each of your children, and still getting housework done. (I have a 35 month old girl and 9 month boy).


Justin & Gi said...

Thanks for sharing.
I have had some hard moments recently and only have a two year old and one on the way.
If we don't depend upon the Lord, I know that I would fail even more then I do now. Trust in a Savior is the only way I have peace in each hard moment.
I want to love my kids more and depend upon the Lord more and with my little one it a battle each day to do that-a battle that is worth it.

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