Christmas Bark

Posted by  | Monday, September 28, 2009  at 8:13 PM  
Lori shared a really cute, fun idea for a Christmas activity:

I have a funny Christmas holiday tradition. Every year, usually during the first week of December, we make Candy Cane "Bark." Our five boys each have a ziplock bag filled with candy canes (or starlight mints), a hammer, and they all wear a santa hat. We line them up, sitting on the floor and they "bark" Christmas carols while pounding the candy canes to smithereens. Usually one round of Jingle Bells and part of Away in a Manger is long enough to fill the room with a minty smell. We follow it up with a Christmas movie and hot chocolate if it's cold enough for it. I take the pulverized candy canes and mix it with melted white chocolate, leaving some larger pieces of candy cane bits to sprinkle on the top for color. When it's dry, we eat some of it, serve some to guests and/or take it to parties, and give the rest away with gifts. The boys look forward to the silliness every year and it's a festive, easy treat for sharing some holiday spirit.

Thanks for sharing Lori!

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