Don't Make Me Count to Three!

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We have often referenced Shepherding a Child's Heart in the past on POH. If Tedd Tripp's book is the "heart" (no pun intended), then Ginger Plowman's book "Don't Make Me Count to Three" would be the "how-to" of discpline. Sure, Tripp's book includes some of the practical applications - but this book really gives the details behind ways to train your child.
I had intended to do an extensive book review, but this week has become out of control for us! Will is healing from his tonsillectomy (and subsequent pneumonia) last Friday - on top of an unusually busy week for my husband and I. Instead, I did a quick google search to see if anyone else had reviewed the book and found a great review by a pastor's wife. To get an idea of the book, go and check out this review of "Don't Make Me Count to Three." (I feel that I should add a quick disclaimer: I know nothing about the church from which this review is coming. But from a quick read over of the review, I feel that its accurate.)
In addition, I'd like to point out another GREAT resource from Ginger Plowman that complements this book. "Wise Words for Moms" is a easy to read chart that you can hang up to give you a quick reference for scriptures to use with discipline and encouraging your child to "put on" the desired behavior. I have mine hanging on my refrigerator and can quickly glance at it for reminders of how to deal with heart issues such as whining, tattling and disobeying (these are biggies in our house right now!) I can't recommend this resource highly enough!

One church that I do feel confident in promoting is Covenant Life Church. This church was previously pastored by CJ Mahaney, husband of Carolyn Mahaney. (Remember the Girl Talk blog and our book club book?) Like many churches, they have an extensive collection of online resources. There are sermons and "talks" that are searchable by subject or scripture reference. The list of parenting sermons has been extremely valuable to me! I download these onto my ipod and listen while doing chores during naptime. Here are several specific ones that I have listened to. They have been a huge encouragement to me as I seek to "train up" Will and Adeline.

Training, Discipline and the Rod by Brian Chesmore

Biblical Principals of Parenting by Brian Chesmore

What a Mother Can't Do Without by CJ Mahaney

The Lord is in Your Boat by Carolyn Mahaney

Cross Centered Parenting by CJ Mahaney

I promise these are all worth your time! It is so easy to become discouraged during this phase of having young children in the house. And even if you don't have time to sit down and read a book, you can always find time to multitask and listen to one of these while finishing something else!

Any other recommendations for parenting helps, specifically discpline related - whether book, sermon or other resource?

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