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First off, I love traditions and I love hearing all the different ways every family celebrates certain occasions! We discussed holiday traditions last year on POH. You can find those posts HERE. This year we intended to find lots of guest authors to share their holiday traditions. I asked my sister in law, Brandy, to share about how she uses Noel Piper's Advent Devotional and Calendar with her kids. She is super busy right now getting ready to move her family of five out of the country - so I'm going to share what I can with you about it. She gave me permission to share her blogposts where she shows how they used Noel's Advent devotional.

Unfortunately, I can't put a link to this product because it is currently being "redesigned" and not available at this time. You can see what it looks like on the links I provide to Brandy's blog - although I think it will change some following the redesign. Keep checking the Desiring God website to see if it is available. Or ask me - I stalk it daily waiting for it to return!

HOWEVER, as I was searching Desiring God to see if the advent devotional was available as a free resource - I found LOTS of other FREE resources, including Treasuring God in Our Traditions. FREE, to download as a pdf file! How awesome is that!? (You can also get Faithful Women and their Extraordinary God - another favorite of mine by Noel Piper!) I had previously mentioned in POH, here and Brandy also reminded me of it again when emailing about this blog post.

So, I dont have much to say about this advent devotional because I've never used it! You'll have to go over to their blog to see some cute pictures and videos of their family using it. Here are the links:

"Advent" - this post showed videos of a 2.5 year old Sarala (my niece) answering all the questions. Brandy thinks it is important to point out how its never to early to start teaching these truths to our children. They are capable of so much more than we give them credit for sometimes!

"Last Days of Normalcy" - this post shows some good shots of the actual calendar. In these pics, Sarala is 3.5, Jackson is 2.5 and Sam is 10 or 11 months.

"Advent...Live!" - this is from the same year as before and includes more videos of 3.5 year old Sarala and 2.5 year old Jackson.

So, I hope you enjoy "blog stalking" my niece and nephews. :) And I hope you don't mind that this is my second post in a row that is heavily linked to other sites - meaning I had nothing to do with the content of this post, really. Enjoy!

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