Statement Necklace

Posted by  | Wednesday, October 21, 2009  at 8:30 AM  
When I saw this featured DIY craft on Refinery 29, I about flipped! This is genius!

Materials Needed:

1. Upholstery trim
2. Strand of pearls (or beads)
3. Suspender clips
4. Ribbon
5. Needle and thread

How to:
1. Lay strand of pearls (or beads) on top of upholstery trim and use needle and thread to secure the pearls with small stitches. If you have a broken necklace lying around, this is a great project to re-use it for.
2. Attach suspender clips onto both ends of your necklace.
3. Loop ribbon through suspender opening.
4. Finish off necklace with a big statement bow knot.


Shannon said...

Pretty gift idea. I bet someone would love to get this as a present - and it's so easy!

Justin & Gi said... next project.

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