Teacher/Kiddie Presents

Posted by  | Tuesday, October 20, 2009  at 2:39 PM  

This is a great idea for your child's teacher, your own child's room, or for your child's friend. It could also serve as a birthday present too! This great idea is originally featured at Testosterone Times Three.

You can find a box of crayons and a frame at the dollar store. Print out your background with the teacher’s/kid's name, scripture, or any saying and create a monogram out of crayons, breaking them to get the right widths. I would hot glue the crayons on, pop in the frame, and you’re ready give a great homemade gift. You can also substitute other school supplies such as colored pencils or regular #2 pencils.

Project Estimate:
Frame, $1 (or use a frame you already have around the house)
Box of crayons, $1
Glue, on hand
Total: $2


Shannon said...

Cute idea!

Terra Jones said...

Oh this is SO cute! It would be great for kids' rooms too! LOVE it

Rachael Davis said...

NO ONE show Lana's preschool teachers this!! They are so getting this adorable-ness for Christmas.
Great idea, Terra, about the rooms.

Courtney said...


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