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Posted by  | Monday, October 12, 2009  at 2:30 PM  
If you are in need of a nursing cover or would like to give a fabulous shower gift, I just found out that you can buy a nursing cover from Udder Covers for the price of what it costs to ship it (using a coupon code). You end up just paying 8.95 for shipping. I can't even find them on ebay for that price. I'm not sure how much longer they'll do it so HURRY!!

The website is:
**The coupon code is: cute2

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Terra Jones said...

I've heard from friends that have gotten them that the quality is really poor...? I had one friend pull it our of the package, went to use it an hour later & one of the straps broke off. Hopefully the quality has improved since the last time they ran this "special"!! (just wanted to throw out that warning)

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