Leah's Playroom

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The playroom at our house is our basement. It was tiled when we bought it with pine paneling. We've since laid out carpet remnants from Menard's and painted half of it (the other half is on the to-do list). Here's a quick glance of the whole thing:

Here's a play table that my husband made for the boys. The top is made out of a big sheet of plywood that is covered with indoor/outdoor turf. It is held up by four Itso cubes from Target. Each cube has a different playset: farm, trains, cars, animals.

This is another piece of furniture from Target. I tried to sort out the toys in each bin. I labeled the space above the bin, for example "balls" and "cars".

Here is our train table that I bought from our local Salvation Army for $20! I was totally pumped when I talked them down to that price. It has drawers underneath to store extra track and trains.

Finally, here's some artwork I hung up. It is Samuel's verse "Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose hope is the Lord. He is like a tree planted by the waters, which yields much fruit." Jer. 17:7,8. This is an easy, cheap way to decorate the big, empty walls.


ChezDeshotels said...

I love your playroom
It is such a blessing in our house we have a 4 bedroom house and the 4th became our playroom and we used magnetic paint and other fun stuff. I love the table with the bins etc...Great ideas


Ruth Palmer said...

Leah, I couldn't resist commenting on the fact that you once said that set of cloth bins was what you hoped all your toys would fit in :)
I think I remember saying there was NO WAY you'd be able to always keep ALL your toys in that!!
You're still doing a good job of keeping stuff organized, but I do believe that I was right....there was no way you could keep all the toys just in those bins!!
Love you dear!!

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