Organizing their bedrooms

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Our kids' rooms are very small. But for lack of space downstairs - we have to store some toys in their rooms. I often rotate these -as the ones in the rooms get less playtime than the ones downstairs. The first picture shows these stackable/rolling bins from Target that I LOVE. One of these was the first toy bin I ever purchased when Will was about 6 months old just to dump all of the baby toys in. It rolled under our coffee table and was perfect. As he graduated to larger sets of toys - these have been perfect! One holds his GeoTrax, another his Little People sets (that he STILL plays with after more than two years!) and the other some miscellaneous larger toys.

His bookshelf contains baskets that were previously used under the changing table. (I love getting years of use out of them!) He has a basket of Mr. Potato Head items, some games and puzzles and lots of books.

Adeline has less toys in her room - and many that I need to put away because she has outgrown them. You can see in this picture (if you ignore the horrible lighting) the same bins (just pink and not blue) under the changing table that will someday be used for toys as well. She has a small bookshelf and another Target toy bin - just purple and not blue.
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