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Seriously, Jen P. is one of my favorite moms. I knew her before she was a mom and have since seen her bring forth four amazing children into this world. She and her husband are a real example to us and I love them all!!

One of the areas that Jen really inspires me in is all the fun stuff she does with her kids. And a lot of times these things are both fun and a great teaching tool. Here are a few of my favorite things from her blog. These are all stored away on my computer and in my mind to do with my boys as they grow.

1. Bunk Bed Tent. Simply adorable! I know this probably doesn't fit under the "activity" umbrella, but I just think it's so cute and would be so fun to play with my kids in this.

2. Turkey Time. This is a great Thanksgiving activity, but could definitely be adapted to other times. I'm thinking you could write down things they are thankful for on rain drops on rainy days, flowers in the spring/summer, apples for an apple tree in the summer/fall, etc.

3. The Prayer Jar. This is my all time favorite of 2009 from Jen. It is such a great idea on so many levels. It's making prayer a priority, it's teaching her children to pray for others, it's fostering family time at the dinner table, it's prayer, it's easy to make, I could go on and on! And the best part about it is that they actually do this! :) Jen let me know what the kids prayed when they pulled my boys' names out of the jar - so sweet!

4. Weird Looking Grass Haired Thing. Sorry, I didn't know how else to describe it! This is a cute idea for a project to do when you're stuck inside all day.

5. Spoon Bugs. These are cute little things that Jen made with her kids. She got the idea from Mr. Maker (I am including the link, but I have no idea what Mr. Maker is!). I'll ask Jen more info and then add it to the list of link-ups at the end of the week.

Seriously, there are a ton of other cute projects that Jen has done and I had such a hard time just picking a few. If you want to see more from Jen, reply in the comments. I could be easily persuaded to copy more from her blog to here (with her permission, of course!!). :)

And finally, with all my heart Jen - I love you!! You are a great friend and a great role model. You are definitely a Titus 2 Older Woman to me that I look up to (even though we're practically the same age!).

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