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My friend, Krista asked if I would post on how I plan short term goals for my kids. My name is Pam, but to introduce myself I would say I am a list maker, plan follower, routine driven, scheduled kind of gal! I am a stay at home mom to a 4 year old and 19 month old. I feel that God has called me to devote my days and time to instructing, raising, and loving my precious gifts. Although my children are young, I feel it is vital to work on all aspects of their learning everyday.

I became overwhelmed with how to use my days to “instruct” when our second child was born. Then the life of the “mommy journal” was born! It was hard to juggle two little ones and find time to “instruct” the older one throughout the day as I was getting accustomed to being a mommy of two! Then in my quiet time one day, I felt the Lord speak to me that instruction occurs in all aspects of life not just educationally (as I was driven to do from my prior teaching career). I also felt a burden that instruction was not only to occur for my older child but even for our newborn. So the “mommy journal” came to life with breaking down my kids lives into four keys aspects: their emotional wellbeing, physical wellbeing, spiritual wellbeing, and mental wellbeing. I pray over these four categories for both of our kids and make short term goals of things I would like to see happen over a three month span. Something that I read recently impacted me on what the true goal of parenting is, how I pray for my children, and plan for their future: " The goal of parenting is not for us to decide what we want our children to become and then ruthlessly teach, train, squeeze, badger, and cajole them into that mold. Instead, we must recognize that God has already designed them. God already has a mature person and a long-range purpose in mind. Our job is to see our children as God does--and to involve ourselves in God's plans for them. Like a sculptor, we must try to see the final form straining to break out of the uncut stone. This cannot be accomplished without prayer and planning." (A Mother's Heart by Jean Fleming)

So after pray and planning for each child, I think of things that I want to teach, activities we can do to help prepare them and ways to help them meet these goals. I also pray over each of these categories so that the Holy Spirit can guide me in how to best help instruct my kids in these areas.

Are they elaborate goals? NO! Do we achieve every goal? NO! Do we repeat goals from time to time? YES! Are my goals detailed, success driven items that I feel my kids must have conquered at their current age? NO! Do we steer away from them when we realize that the goal is not feasible and we need a little more time? YES!

My current goals for our kids are:
Katelyn (4 years):
Spiritual: Devotions on daily basis, Respect for others
Emotional: Confidence
Physical: Toe Walking/PT, Tying Shoes
Mental: Kindergarten readiness

Zachary (19 months):
Spiritual: Loving Others (sibling love), Singing bible songs
Emotional: Temper outbursts/frustration level
Physical: Toe Walking, Dressing/undressing, and interest in potty training
Mental: Verbally-expressing needs, Body parts/color/everyday object recognition

I encourage you as you think and plan short term goals for your children, pause for a moment and visualize each of your children. Bring them one at a time before God in prayer. Then follow His leading in how you plan short term goals. And see your children as God does and involve yourself in His plans for their lives.


ChezDeshotels said...

Wow, thank you so much for sharing that is a wonderful idea and I was just praying this morning in my quiet time for God to reveal how to work with my children (4 and 13 mo) He chose to speak to me through your post. Thanks again


KC said...

For someone who values organization, but is terrible at achieving it, it can be very overwhelming to come up with a strategy for helping our kids meet goals.

Do you have any resources that could be of help??

Courtney said...

Thank you for sharing Psm. I love that quote from A mother's Heart, actually the whole book is amazing. I like the idea of reevaluating goals in 3 months because things change so much when the kids are little

Leah said...

A resource that I have found very helpful is the Truth and Grace Memory Book published by Founders Press ( The first book is for age 2-fourth grade, and has suggested Scripture passages, hymns and catechism questions for each age. The catechism is A Catechism for Boys and Girls, and is very easy to memorize. It is laid out like a workbook, where you can 'check off' things that are memorized. Each year builds on the next, with the scripture passages growing longer. Find the books here:

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