Two GREAT cloth diaper deals!

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I am excited to revisit cloth diapers again this week! It's so fun to remember where we all were over 2 years ago when we started Prayer of Hannah and decided to do a week on cloth diapering. I'll do another post on how cloth is working for us later this week.

For now, I couldn't resist sharing two cloth diaper deals out there right now. Perfect timing for this week on POH!!

The first is a HOT coupon that CottonBabies (maker of BumGenius) has put out in several magazines. I first read about it here at Baby Cheapskate.

One of the coupons earns you a FREE Bum Genius All-in-one diaper with the purchase of $10 of other BumGenius products. The other coupon earns you 10% off a 12 pack of BumGenius diapers.

I found an online store that is offerring a great deal to help you get one of the coupons and redeem them - all with free shipping! Visit Moms Milk Boutique here for more details. Another option is to check your OB office (if you happen to be going there :) for free copies of Pregnancy magazine. (Of course, ordering direct from CottonBabies is a great option too! They have free economy shipping as well!!)

The second deal is for 25% off your entire purchase at! This deal ends tomorrow, March 3rd - so act fast! Use the code HAPPY at checkout. They have a large selection of many popular cloth diaper brands.

Stay tuned for more cloth diaper posts this week - any specific questions we can address about cloth? Remember to use the category links on the right sidebar to find more cloth diaper posts!

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