What Do You Do At Home?

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This week I was given the question, "What Do You Do At Home?" and I decided to give a compilation of random things that make me tick in this beautiful Stay at Home Mom Lifestyle.


* I love to make foods from scratch. I usually am racking my brain trying to figure out how I can make a homemade version of this or that. Why? I know, it's more time-consuming, but I think most things are better for your health, not to mention super tast-a-rrific, if they are homemade. Seems like a fun challenge to me, so I don't mind investing the time into it. Confession: We do have oreos, cool ranch chips, Reese PB cups and Mountain Dew in our pantry, per my husband's request...sitting next to our homemade bread. (Let's all gasp together: GASP.) I try my best to steer clear of these foods, but I am also known as the mysterious nibbler in the fam and will get a sampling here and there.

* I insist on cloth diapering, because there's just something addicting about it. Do I like it always? NO WAY. The peanut butter poo stage is not especially fun, and I don't particularly like it when the poo gets under my fingernails while cleaning off a diaper. Eek! Thankfully, we have a sprayer attached to the toilet (and for the record, if you come to our house, it's NOT a bidet. Trust me, some have silently thought it and it came out later in conversation.) Confession: Disposables are my friends!! We aren't purists. My little wore disposables for months and is now wearing them again, because we need more cloth. There's something so beautiful about throwing away the slimiest blow-out diaper, putting on a slim disposable, and not feeling like I have to wrestle an alligator trying to get clothes over a seam-busting bum. Disposables are an expensive beautiful though, and one we cannot afford for the entirety of our girl's diapering.

* Cleaning: I am the picker-upper of the house and try to keep things in order, until I run out of energy. Then, I let it go for a few days and enjoy the bliss of just being messy...until I can't stand the dust bunnies staring at me from under the TV cabinet anymore. (Oh the joys of having a dog + hardwood floors. ) I'm in the thick of teaching Laney to pick up after herself and what has helped the most is really organizing her toys. I bought these tubs from Walmart, and they are the perfect size.

I love that they are clear and that the lid snaps down. When things have a home, it's easy and fun to clean up. Best of all, I can easily remove toys and bring them out later. When there's a play date at the house, I can put away most of the tubs that are the messiest and just leave a few out. When they tire of that tub, clean up and bring out a new tub. I can also put the tub with the tiniest pieces in my eldest's room, so that my youngest can't get her hands on it and possibly choke. Confession: Although vacuuming is my favorite chore, my vacuuming efforts just don't cut it. The Hubbs and I have agreed that we not only want, but NEED to invite people over to our house just to get the house clean. Pitiful, we are.

* Create: I love to create. It's so fulfilling to the deepest of my being. (I'm quite the drama queen when it comes to my loves.) I daydream of making clothes and toys for my girls and even for their baby dolls, but I just don't have the energy or the time to do it, unless I sacrifice precious hours of needed sleep. The hardest part is having to muffle this inspiration. But..I then realize that I need to refocus myself on these fleeting days and enjoy these precious littles before they are teenagers and don't want to cuddle up and read on the couch or have a dance party in the kitchen. Confession: Psst...I do stay up late every now and then and sacrifice those precious hours of sleep. And believe it or not, I don't regret it the next day. My latest craft party was making some finger puppets for the girls: the three little piggies and wolfie! I'm not quite done with the piggies and have yet to make their houses. Baby steps! Click here for the easy tutorial.

* Shopping: I'm a bargain-er at heart and love hitting up garage sales, Good Will, and second-hand stores, in search of re-purposing something. My latest project was an all-wood mirror I found on a major clearance at the mall, due to a few scuffs. We needed a place to hang towels, so I transformed the mirror into a towel rack for the bathroom. I found the hooks for free! We glued some wood to the back of the mirror where there was a shallow area, so that we could have some wood in which to screw the hooks. Worked out great!

With grocery shopping, I love stocking up on meats/other goods that are on sale at the grocery store. I am now brave enough to go shopping with both girls, which was a huge adjustment for me. We're still in the nursing stage, so the timing is still a bit tricky to hit it just right with both girls, but it's doable now, compared to a few months ago when I wouldn't DARE leave the house with both by myself. Confession: I'm not a Grocery Game Member or coupon clipper. (GASP) I REALLY want to be, but just don't think I take on that task right now and do it well. Please convince me otherwise, because I really want to do it and save away!

* Play: I REALLY try to soak up my time with the girls. Every day I think about how much I love what I do. I love being home with my girls. I love that my husband works so hard to provide for us so I can stay at home. We do puzzles, draw on the chalkboard, play with stamps, play polly pockets, teach Laney how to play with her little sister, run outside, etc... I try to have play dates frequently as well. I like the social time, as much as my children, and I also want to be there to see how my little interacts with others. Confession: Sometimes I find myself saying "Not now"..or "Just a minute..." when the kids are wanting to play. The "whatever" at times never comes to fruition or I put forth a feeble attempt to satisfy that request. I really am trying to pay attention to my words/responses to my children and being that woman of balance between playing and serving my family. Both are important for children to see. It's the balance that's so delicate and one that I'm trying to refine. I try to include my eldest in some of the projects and chores around the house.

These are the biggies of my day. I'm sure I've left off a few biggies as well, so if you have any questions, ask away! What is your FAVORITE thing that you do at home? Pick one and share!


Amy said...

My favorite things are playing outside and taking walks. We live in Florida, so the weather is gorgeous almost year round and we really take advantage of it! I plan on doing more nature stuff with my toddler and using it to teach about God's creation.

Hollie, I would like to know how you store your sewing/craft stuff. Right now my kids share a room so I use our guest room for sewing, but in thinking about long-term, I really don't know where I will sew or craft. Any ideas?

Courtney said...

What a great list. I can totally identify with many of those (especially the going out with both kids- I can count on one hand how many times we have gone on errands since Ben was born in Oct- my boys are currently 19 and 5 months)
Hollie, have you heard of Su Soutter and intentional home? She has a coupon class that has really helped me. She is so amazing and truly looks as couponing as a way to bless others and share the gospel which I had never thought of before. If you don't know about her, email me for more info at little_shelton@yahoo.com

The Hudgins said...

i liked this hollie. one thing i do is "clock out and take a break" during naptime. not the entire naptime, but i give myself at least 30 minutes to eat, watch a tivoed show, facebook, read, etc. then i also try to accomplish at least one task i could not do when they're both awake. it's a wonderful part of my day that makes me productive and rejuvenates all at the same time!

Terra Jones said...

I was talking w/ zach just this weekend about stuff around the house that I love to do and those things I can't stand...

I LOVE cooking/baking. I could do it all day! Growing up I wasn't invited to help in the kitchen & so I never had a desire to learn to cook til I was in college & living off campus. I wanted to skip class just to stay home & cook (ok...& eat, lol) :)

On the other hand - I loathe grocery shopping. Therefore Zach takes one of the boys every weekend & does this (I go on occasion & am reminded just why I don't go, lol) Plus he saves WAY more money than I do & I remember the coupons & price compare -- he shops like he is on supermarket sweeps or something & comes home w/ a $20-$30 cheaper bill than I would have, lol.

& I confess - I love doing laundry. Something about clean smelling clothes & diapers & folding them just right, haha :)

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