Securing Furniture to Wall

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Christina did a great job in her post on safety in the home, so much so that I really don't have much to offer, concerning what our family did to baby proof our home. I do, however, have a story about one way to secure furniture to the wall.

My parents came up one week when I was pregnant with our second daughter.
I was definitely nesting, and since my husband was at work, I asked for their help in moving some furniture. A dream come true, right? All the pictures hung, heavy items moved, and things organized! I loved it! We had a leaning Pottery Barn shelf that could be secured to the wall using nails, but my dad wasn't very confident that the shelf would stay up (of course, what Grandfather would?) if one of the girls was standing on or climbing the shelf. UNBEKNOWNST TO ME, on one of his trips to Lowes, he picked up a little something to secure to shelf to the wall. I caught him in the act of screwing this into MY POTTERY BARN SHELF. Take a look:

No, you're not seeing things. My dad bought a CHAIN LOCK and screwed it into my PB shelf and then into a stud in the wall. WHAT?! I about had a cow! I mean, I definitely have confidence that it will hold even ME now, if I decide I want to do a little wall scaling. I might not have been so against it had he screwed it on the BACK of the shelf where no one could see, but no, it's on the front shining in all its glory and will now and forever have to be covered up by a picture frame or vase. So, if you want to secure a heavy piece of furniture to the wall, consider a chain lock. Just be sure to hide it! :)


Terra Jones said...

Hollie, I just laughed SO hard! I would have had a cow too!!! But I'm sure it's super sturdy!!! :) At least it's an easy cover-up! :)

Shannon said...

Hollie, you have no idea how much I love this story. :)

Joni said...

That is hilarious!

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