Child Training Ideas - Reminding and Repeating

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This week is Child Training Idea week, and although I don't think I have anything new or innovative to offer it is nice for me to think through what we do in our home to train our children. It is helpful to remember that child training isn't something that happens only when we plan it. We are always training our kids. We can be purposefully training them in godliness and correct behavior, or we can be negligent and training them to follow their own desires.

So much of what I do in training my children involves reminding and repeating. Proper child training is tough work and it is CONSTANT! I find myself often thinking, "how many times do I have to say (fill in the blank)." But, children are children and need reminders. I don't mean they should be lovingly reminded a hundred times not to get near the fireplace or not to hit someone, those things should be corrected and appropriate discipline administered right away. What I mean is that many discipline issues can be avoided altogether if we use good reminders. For example, my kids do well if I remind them at the beginning of playing that God is pleased when we do good and share. If I say it with a smile before the playing even begins, they are more likely to remember and play nicely. I feel better too because I am able to lay out the boundaries while smiling instead of during the more heated moments of correction. Another time I frequently use reminders is before we enter any public place. I always make it a game to run through the standard "rules" of what is expected of them. They enjoy listing things they should and shouldn't do in the grocery store (not grabbing things, staying close to mommy, no running or shouting). I do notice that when I forget to remind them before going somewhere, I feel like I'm playing catch up the whole time we are out and have to discipline them more than I would have if I had laid out the rules before we even began.

I've put together a quick list of some times that I use reminders. I had no idea it was so often! No wonder I feel like I repeat myself!

before church (no running, stand for songs, pray quietly when everyone is praying)
before going to the grocery store (no grabbing, stay with mommy)
before getting the kids ready for bed (remind them to put their dirty clothes away, brush teeth)
before meal times (use a napkin, keep your cup above your plate, etc.)
when coming in from outside (hang up your coat, put away shoes)
before play dates (share toys, be nice to everyone)

I hope this was helpful in some way!

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KC said...

So glad to hear this post! I look at the reminders as preparation for transitions. It is easy to feel like you are doing something wrong when you have to repeat yourself 100 times a day!

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