Ditching the Pacifier the Payneful Way

Posted by  | Friday, May 21, 2010  at 11:59 PM  
Here is the blog entry I posted in November 2008 when Samuel gave up the pacifier at 2 years and 3 months...

So long, farewell, aufwerdersein (ha, ha - I have no idea how to spell that word!! and I'm too lazy to google it), goodbye...

The pacifiers are G-O-N-E!! I finally got fed up enough with them and told Ed, "that's it. let's get rid of them." So we laid Samuel down for his nap today without them. Here's the exchange:

Sam: Pacis. Pacis.
Me: Sorry, no more pacis. They're all gone.
Sam: All gone?
Me: Yep. Go nigh-night with Bear and Baa and Kitty (his three stuffed friends featured in the photo above).
Sam: Pacis.
Me: Tell Kitty, sorry, no more pacis.
He got up out of his bed two times and I put him down where he stayed and cried for 30 minutes. Then he got up and went into the bathroom. I thought he was pulling my chain as an excuse to get out of bed, but oops, he had gone number two in his undies! We cleaned him up and he laid back down to finish his nap with no tears.

Flash forward to later this afternoon. We are playing around in the bathroom.

Sam: Pacis. Pacis.
Me: Sorry, remember, pacis are all gone.
Sam: Sorry, Kitty, pacis all done.
No tears.


Sam: Pacis.
Me: Sorry, pacis are all done. Go nigh-night with Bear and Baa. Oops, we left Kitty at Dustin's house. We'll see him in the morning. (Dumb me!! I forgot the stupid cat at the neighbors' house!)
I close the door and stand outside to see what will happen. I hear...
Sam: Kitty? Where are you Kitty? Kitty?
Break my heart!! I ran down to the neighbors and got the cat back.
Me: Here's Kitty Samuel.
Sam: Sorry, Kitty, pacis all done. Here Kitty, lay right here.

And that's it!! We'll see how tomorrow goes, but I am doing a little victory dance tonight!!

Here's a video I made yesterday that made me realize how much we needed to ditch those stupid pacifiers.

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