Potty Training

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Potty training stinks. I've decided that it really isn't any fun at all and no matter when you embark on the process it is tough work. As much as I despise changing toddler diapers I think I despise cleaning up dirty underwear and pants more. But, it must be done and once it is accomplished it is such a joy and relief! I've had two children in diapers at the same time and have also potty trained my first child when her brother was still an infant (not an easy task). We'd have "potty parties" where we'd sit for what seemed like hours in the bathroom, me on the bathroom floor nursing Jonathan waiting for some sort of potty success on her part.

So, when we found out our third child was due, I was anxious to potty train Jonathan before the baby arrived and I also wanted to try a different method (with Meredith is was all work on my part. I took her to the bathroom constantly and it was exhausting. She never seemed to mind if her underwear were wet and wouldn't tell me she had to go for months on end. It took anywhere from 6-8 months until she finally got it down).

Jonathan turned two in February and we began potty training that same week. He got a "Cars" potty seat and new big boy underwear. Following Krista's advice, I prepared myself for a three-day potty training intensive. On monday morning we packed up all his cloth diapers to give to the new baby when he/she arrives. I explained that babies wear diapers and he wasn't a baby anymore. Then, we camped out downstairs (with the hardwood floors), with a travel potty nearby, and sippy cup after cup of juice. I think I cleaned up 13 accidents by lunchtime. By day two I wondered if this method worked at all. He was still having accidents, but not quite as frequently. At the end of day three, he was holding it and would go if I took him. But, it would still be weeks before he'd tell me he had to go (he actually began telling me he had to go for the first time while we were on a long car trip. I think he didn't want to sit in wet pants).

Now, four months later I'd say this method worked great. Jonathan has been fully potty trained for at least two months now and I think it was a lot less work this time around. I didn't have to camp out in the bathroom with him for hour after hour. The first few days were rough, but it was still easier this way. Now, he will tell me that he has to go and will even set himself up on the potty (with the potty ring) all by himself. He wears big-boy underwear all day, although I do put him in a pull-up at night. He wakes up many nights with it dry too, but I'm not quite ready to make the jump to regular underwear at night yet. All in all, I'd try the potty blitz method again with our third child. I do think that each child has a different personality, some hate being in wet pants, other kids don't seem to mind it and some are ready before others and no matter what you must be ready to clean up messes! But the payoff is certainly worth it!

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