And now for your host, Leah F

Posted by  | Sunday, August 8, 2010  at 4:12 PM  
For my first post of my week hosting POH, I thought I would give you a brief glimpse into my life, and let you know a little more about me. This isn't pour-your-heart-out-on-Oprah sort of information, but more random trivia/fun facts/absurdities about me, Leah F[inn].

*I am the daughter, granddaughter and wife of Baptist ministers (my husband is a professor and also an ordained minister who occasionally fills the pulpit)
*I was homeschooled LONG before it was cool. Seriously. I am almost 32 years old, which means my parents started teaching me at home over 25 years ago. Yes, people thought we were weird! I still am weird.
*Almost exactly eleven years ago, a boy winked at me across my college cafeteria. He quickly became the love of my life, and in January we will celebrate 10 years of marriage (Yay!)
*I share a birthday with this sweet girl, my first born, Georgia

*My little guy, Baxter, is named for both of his paternal grandfathers and is just the most fun kid

*Our third child, due at New Year's, is currently called Huck. It's a deliberate pun that we hope to drop when the baby is born...but the nickname might stick!
*I love to read novels, and especially enjoy children's fantasy literature like Harry Potter, the Percy Jackson series, and Chronicles of Narnia. The audiobooks of Harry and Narnia are also some of my favorite things!
*I love lists
*I hate cleaning
*I love musicals, and Nathan and I even have season tickets to a Broadway series here in town. In case you are wondering, we aren't wealthy patrons of the arts--our season tickets are in the upper balcony (cheap!), we save up for them, we don't eat out before the show, and we often barter our unused tickets for babysitting ("hey, will you watch our kids for a show if we give you tickets to Legally Blonde the Musical?")
*I am a chronic putterer, which means I often take forever to clean something, and don't always finish what I start.
*I don't watch much television, but I enjoy watching Mythbusters on Netflix and White Collar on Hulu :-)
*I struggle with many sins, including feelings of inadequacy as a parent, sinful anger and frustration toward my children, and an inexcusable desire to be cool and popular
*I am grateful to be saved by grace through the shed blood of Jesus Christ!


KC said...

Leah, thanks for being so transparent! I think we struggle with many of the same thing :)

Ashley said...

thank you for your honesty! refreshing.

Courtney said...

Thanks so much for displaying your good, bad, and ugly. Thank you for being brave and putting it out there

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