Juggling Ministry and Young Children

Posted by  | Wednesday, August 11, 2010  at 8:33 PM  
All of the POH authors, and I would guess most of the readers, struggle to balance their time wisely. Each of us have a committed relationship with Christ, and as such, are actively involved in our local church body, though the manifestations of that local body vary greatly. I know that I often struggle with how much time I should devote to my 'ministry', both inside the church and outside the church. A student of my husband's recently asked him how a wife should balance caring for her children with taking on church responsibilities and other ministry opportunities, so I know this is on the heart of many women. Providentially, 9Marks Ministries published an eJournal this summer that dealt with pastoring women, and one of their articles was most timely. Though I could have included this article in my "Link Love" post, I wanted to highlight it separately here, Jani Ortlund's "For the Young Mother: Ministry, Guilt and Seasons of Life." I found her words, which are well grounded in God's word, to be insightful and encouraging. I hope that you will read the article and give me your feedback in the comments!

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