Being Intentional with the Bible (for both myself and my kids!)

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This week at POH we are talking about ideas for being intentional with the Bible, both for Moms and for kids. I'm excited about this week because I'm really hoping to learn some great ideas from our readers that I can implement in our home! Please share with us what has worked in your family and what has not. Here are a few things we have done in our family to be intentional with the Bible:

The girls and I have a "Bible Time" every morning on the couch. I had always thought we would do devotions before bed every night, but it always got too late and the girls were tired and fussy and not able to focus. So instead we switched to singing before bed and Bible time in the morning. This has just worked so much better for our family!

At night, we sing a combination of hymns (such great theology in most hymns!) and fun Bible songs. Here is a quick clip of one of our silly songs that teaches her the fruit of the Spirit:

We have our Bible Time before we get started with our chores for the day. We usually go outside to play first thing in the morning (before it gets too hot!) and then come inside grab our water bottles and settle on the couch for our Bible time. The girls have gotten all their wiggles out and can really focus well. Our Bible Time consists of:

1. "Questions" -- I recently got this "Catechism For Young Children" set from Doorposts and we have really enjoyed it! I make a game out of asking Karis questions each morning and she uses a fake microphone to answer. I love the great theological foundation these questions lay for her and you would be amazed at how often she brings them up in random conversation. Here is a short video example of some of the questions:

2. Scripture Memory -- Right now we are going through the verses listed in My 1st Book of Memory Verses. We usually go over 2 verses that we learned previously and then repeat a new verse several times. I usually make the scripture into a song, rhyme, or rap, and often add hand motions to make it more interesting and easy for Karis to remember.

3. Bible Stories -- We have several children's bible story books and I usually just let Karis choose a few to read for the day. My personal favorite for her age is The Big Picture Story Bible, but there are many that she enjoys. Sometimes we read them for a half hour, and other days we only read 1 story. I want her to enjoy the time so right now I base it totally on her interest and how Karlie is doing entertaining herself. (Karlie usually starts off reading with us, but can't sit still as long as Karis and ends up doing puzzles after a little bit.) We just started "loosely" following the Bible reading plan on ABC Jesus Loves Me and I usually also teach them a song or two about whatever story we are focusing on for the week.

For Myself: This week is also about sharing ideas to help Moms be more intentional with the Bible and I have to be completely honest; I struggle in this area. I am much better at being intentional with my kids! I try to have my Bible Time in the morning before the girls get up, but if they randomly get up earlier than usual, my time is cut short. And I have a hard time finding any other time in my day. I am not one who can study at night because I just fall asleep :)

Anyways, I usually just try to read about 4 chapters out of the OT and 2 chapters out of the NT every day, if the girls don't wake up before I finish. I'd love to do a formal Bible study like BSF, but there isn't one near me and I don't want to make another day in my week crazy. So I just try read all the study notes in my Bible and try to pick a verse or two out of my reading to write out and meditate on throughout the day. I am also memorizing the scripture verses along with Karis, but that's about it. I'd LOVE to hear any suggestions you have: any book studies that you have enjoyed or other ideas for being intentional with the Bible!


Leah said...

I love all the ideas you shared. The microphone for the cathechism is just genius! I will definitely be doing this. Your girls are PRECIOUS and I love seeing you build into them right from the start.

Hugh & Hollie Carson said...

Loooving this as well. Great job on such wonderful ideas!

Courtney said...

Meg, can you remind me how old Karis is again and how old she was when you started? My sons are just over 2 and just under 1. We do Bible reading every night. I am planning to take my eldest's lesson from Sunday school and using that as the basis for our daily lesson. He has a theme for the month and then a different story each week that teaches that theme. So I was thinking I could springboard off that.

Meg said...

That sounds like great reinforcement to use the Sunday school curriculum as the basis for your daily lesson! I'm sure he would really learn it well that way. Karis is now 3 years old. She was about 20 months when we started singing hymns at night and she quickly memorized the words that she could pronounce :) I didn't start trying to do Bible verses with her (other than scripture songs) until she was closer to three, but I think she could have learned simple ones much earlier. I didn't get the Catechism set til last month, so we just started doing the questions.

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