A Meal Idea from Leah P

Posted by  | Thursday, September 9, 2010  at 4:40 PM  
I thought I would share a meal that I bring when a friend is in need. It's not really a recipe thing. I cook up:

Chicken Breasts (I broil them with a little butter, salt & pepper, and Italian seasoning)
A small plate of dessert

For our family, we really like to have a fruit and vegetable with each meal. And my husband is really not a fan of casseroles. I realize that a lot of times people bring casseroles as a meal to a family because it's easy to make and easy to transport. So I try to bring something a little different to give the family a variety.

I bring the small dessert for the reason my cousin mentioned - so that there's enough for a little treat, but not a plate of temptation sitting around all week!

I also consider whether or not the family has any other children. If so, I try to bring a kid friendly item as well - applesauce, string cheese, granola bar, etc.

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